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#1 14 years ago

Hi all I am building a new ship and its weaponary is pulse cannons but I have a problem I want the pulse cannons to fire one at a time not all at once but the problem is that it can only use one hp

I assigned it with three hps so it can use all three hps when firing one at a time but it only uses one hp which is the first one.

How do I fix this?



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#2 14 years ago

How about setting them up as different weapons?


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#3 14 years ago

Are you sure the other HPs exist? I had a problem like this once and the reason was because I was assigning the weapons to non-existent HPs. To check if the HPs do exist, just assign your 2nd or 3rd weapon to your first and see if it fires.


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#4 14 years ago

The hps aren't actually weapons. they are locations on the ship from which phaser fire and torpedoes orginate, and where damage occurs. I had the same problem with the stock Akira ODF, which will not fire torpedoes under any circumstances. If you are building a ship, when you get to the weapons part, it should look like this if you want just one weapon to fire from multiple points on the model: //Mega Oblivion Cannon weapon1 = "bigthumper" weaponHardpoints1 = "hp01" "hp02" If you want each of the Hardpoints to have its OWN weapon, put this in instead: // Mega Oblivion Cannon weapon1 = "bigthumper" weaponHardpoints1 = "hp01" // Mega Oblivion Cannon weapon2 = "bigthumper" weaponHardpoints2 = "hp02" Also, check or copy this list, which is right below the weapons loadouts in the ODF: // Hardpoints to hit for various systems and other locations. enginesTargetHardpoints = "hp13" "hp14" "hp15" "hp16" lifeSupportTargetHardpoints = "hp05" "hp08" "hp10" "hp11" weaponsTargetHardpoints = "hp01" "hp02" shieldGeneratorTargetHardpoints = "hp05" "hp08" "hp10" "hp11" sensorsTargetHardpoints = "hp05" "hp08" "hp10" "hp11" hullTargetHardpoints = "hp04" "hp05" "hp08" "hp10" "hp11" "hp13" "hp14" criticalTargetHardpoints = "hp05" "hp08" "hp10" "hp11" "hp13" "hp14" I don't believe you can have more weapons than you have weapons Hardpoints, but you can change the class of Hardpoints which already exist by moving them from one category to another. The Hardpoints also determine which system is damaged when your model takes fire. The game can be very finicky about names. If the filname is bigthumper in the weapons folder you have to call it bigthumper inside the quotes on the loadout. If all the numbers don't match, or the weapons loadout does not go in sequence, (jumping from Weapon6 to Weapon10 is one example. Having Weapon 5 mounted on weaponsHardpoint03 is another.) your weapon may not work. Hope this helps.


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#5 14 years ago
hard_damage;3392242How about setting them up as different weapons?

I think this is your only answer. 3 different weapons with 3 different shot delay times.