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26th June 2005

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#1 15 years ago

How do hit points work, what I mean is for example if the line says :- [COLOR=purple]// Hitpoints[/COLOR] [COLOR=purple]shieldGeneratorHitPoints = 2500[/COLOR] does that mean when the the shields are hit it does 2500 worth of damage to the ship being attacked or does it mean you need 2500 worth to do any damage to it???????, sorry people iam having another blond moment again .....

NB ive just added quite a surprise to the end of the [COLOR="Purple"]Dark Reflections [/COLOR]mod ha ha ha ha ha

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#2 15 years ago

They are the total points required for the shield generator to fall (not the shields, but of course, when the shield generator is disabled or destroyed, regardless of the shields status, they will fall). Eg: A ship has a wepaon that does 400 damage. The shields will absorb that, say they are 20000. Now, if the ship is weak, the percentage that systems will take damage will/could apply and this is where the shield generator and other systems take damage though, the bulk DOES go to the hull in terms of damage (thus it getting it's own hitpoints as it has a different percentage hit system). I hope that helps, if not, please, ask.