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#1 10 years ago

hello, i'm a noob. i recently installed a nova class to my armada 2 and set it to be built by the standard fed shipyard (using ArMod II). however, it didn't show up on the build menu in game, and what has perplexed me even further is that the standard shipyard itself now doesn't show on the build menu of construction ships.

here's what i did in case it helps:

- installed the various files from the nova zip into their respective folders - added the fnova.odf to the fyard.odf build list - set the dependencies of fnova.odf to include fyard.odf on full tech and standard tech

i have now removed fnova.odf from the fyard.odf build list but the shipyard still does not show up on the construction ship build menu. what on earth is going on?

thanks, john

edit - i set everything back to normal and now if i try to play as the federation it just crashes to the desktop. i think i give up.

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#2 10 years ago

Check your tech tree entry, it sounds like you might have required the shipyard to have the nova class before you can build the shipyard.


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#3 10 years ago

thanks, i'd actually been even sillier than that and made the station dependent on itself. i still can't get the nova class to show up on the build menu but thankfully i can play again now.

edit - the problem seems to be that ArMod 2 isn't saving the dependencies for the nova class in standard tech for some reason. it only has an entry in full tech for fyard but i don't see why this would cause it to not show up at all on the build menu.


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#4 10 years ago

all sorted, i didn't realise i had to manually edit some files.