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26th June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=darkslategray]Some of you may know this, some may not, but I wanted to share the list of sites that I have, for Fan based productions of Star Trek.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslategray]Now you may be thinking what has this got to with A2, well as far as I can see it, they act as nothing more than inspiration for would be and experienced modders.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslategray]Use for what you will, but I have found them useful.[/COLOR] -------------------------------------------------- [COLOR=blue]He Who Draws the Sword [/COLOR][COLOR=black](set in the mirror universe)[/COLOR] Home [COLOR=blue]Of Gods & Men[/COLOR] (just have a look around and look at the trailer) Star Trek: Of Gods and Men [COLOR=blue]Star Trek - Aurora[/COLOR] (CGI based story, in the TOS era) Aurora Trek [COLOR=blue]Star Trek Unity[/COLOR] (Post ENT, Pre TOS based) STAR TREK: Unity [COLOR=blue]Star Trek Excalibur[/COLOR] (TOS Based) Star Trek: Excalibur [COLOR=blue]Star Trek : New Frontier[/COLOR] (1 of the longest running fan based productions, with a massive 7 seasons to see, set after the Dominion War) [COLOR=blue]Star Trek : The Helena Chronicles[/COLOR] (From the New Frontier team) Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - HF Announces New Series! [COLOR=blue]Star Trek : Odyssey[/COLOR] (Spin off from New Frontier) [COLOR=blue]Star Trek Origins[/COLOR] (Cpt Pikes story) Star Trek: Origins [COLOR=blue]Star Trek : Legacy[/COLOR] (A German based fan film) Star Trek: The Legacy [COLOR=blue]Star Trek : Hathaway[/COLOR] (Set on the USS Hathaway during the Genasis crisis) Star Trek: U.S.S. Hathaway [COLOR=blue]Star Trek : New Voyages[/COLOR] (The best fan production, set during the 4th season of TOS, I challange anyone not to treat this as cannon) Star Trek: New Voyages Home Page [COLOR=blue]Starship Exeter[/COLOR] (TOS Era) [COLOR=blue]Starship Farragut[/COLOR] (TOS era, on the USS Faragut, made with the support of the New Voyages team, so its ok). Welcome to Starship Farragut __________________________________________________ I hope some finds these useful, and yes I know some of them aren't finished, however, still look at screen shots and trailers, they can be inspiring.


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#2 13 years ago

Hey thank you for the list, some more projects to check out :)