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#11 12 years ago

well im attempting to some romulan kitbashing,and ive been able to successfully port almost all the borg stuff from a1 with alpha lighting and new textures,build working odf's,etc for them.did all this today,im attempting my hand at a few kitbashes for the romulans,and did manage to add alpha lighting to all the models for a2 that didnt have them fyard,fyard2,fconst,fturret(this one was actually missing by default the texture that wraps around the turrets ring)kresear,kresear2,and the roumulan ive been busy just gettting used to milkshape..all today.nice program..and seeing how the stock models were created,how the various joints,etc all work...bit to take in but im not doing to bad..i am gonna release that fed base from achilles,retextured with alpha lighting tommorow..although i think i'll dump the landing strips on the stations they dont look natural.

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#12 12 years ago

I appreciate the fact that folks want the importer, but please don't email me about it, if anything, the best way to contact me is getting on the irc channel in my sig.

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