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#1 8 years ago

I just came from a game where me and someone else out numbered an opponent. I was playing as the Borg and my team mate was Species 8472. My opponent was Klingon. Well, to start, my team mate and I would build up small fleets and do runs against the opponent. But after a while, the opponent overwhelmed us both within one minute. My 10 cube were easily vaporised by the enemy fleet and none of my stations lasted for more than 10 seconds before they were vaporised as well. Would there be a way so if I was in the exact same situation, that my team mate and I would actually win? What sort of strategies should I use so that what happened won't happen again? Or at least not as badly.

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#2 8 years ago

I was once really, really good at multi in A2. That's where I joined the community in early '03, I only came into modding with the Upgrade Project a few years later.

I did start writing some tactical notes a very, very long time ago, but i'd remember that a lot of this may be obselete considering that it's 5+ years old. However, some basic tactical truths aren't likely to have changed appreciably.

Tactics in Armada haven't advanced at the higher levels, since '06 all innovations appear to have been in techniques for rushing. I wouldn't recommend following the early advanced build for multiplay now, it's likely to be a liability unless your extremely skilled in the ye old skills of getting the starbase to split its fire between multiple separate targets to kill off a rush targeting your construction ship.

Still, you might learn a few things from this.

As the Borg:-

Spoiler: Show

Construction ship

It builds stuff and not many people realise the tractor beam actually does have a purpose. Wouldn't it be great if you could tow ships back to a shipyard for repairs? Well, you can.

Tractor the ship to the point where it would enter the repair dock and beam crew onboard and give orders to return to the shipyard for repairs. The ship will then enter the que (even with disabled engines) and wait its turn. It will move fowards without the tractor beam so you can send the con ship somewhere else.


Without the latinum mining and detonating ability of the normal frighter theres little I can say other than they mine Dil & Metal. Point to remember, Borg miners mine metal way faster that any other race.

"Detector" class scout

Its the scout. It finds stuff and it can find cloaked stuff when you have a tach grid.

The only point worthy of note with the borg scout is that it has 40 crew instead of the usual 10.


I am none to fond of the interceptor but it does have its uses. Namely, for transwarping on the top of enemy construction ships and destroying them quickly. If your playing as borg and someones doing this then its usually a "closed" map where you have to build a transwarp gate to get across to the enemy, and they are trying to kill the construction ship building the gate. To couter, simply deploy a squadron of diamonds in your base on high weapons autonomy. They will either use shielf remodulation on whatever is being shot at or fire off a ultrium burst which will kill the interceptors all. Or, if your lucky they will do both :)


If you see one of these doing anything other than dragging derelict ships away at warp then your either looking at an incredible tactic thats beyond my understanding or a total disaster in the making, and its probably going to be the latter becuase the collective has better ships for everything else but towing cubes away for repairs.


Most people use these, simply set to auto special weapons and throw in a couple of fleets. It sucks the crew away very quickly which allows you to capture ships intact. Used in massive numbers it can take a starbase or in fact an entire base. If your fighting against this tactic then your best defense is a good offense. Blowing up the basic borg tech center will take out the assimilator, and you'll only be dealing with an above average cruiser.

If your also playing as borg Diamonds are quite effective, in the unlikely event you can manage to build one. Diamonds will (with one ultrium shot) kill the majority of an assimilator fleet.

Another, much more expensive way of countering the menace is using scouts or more preferably destroyers. Establishing a autoassimilator beam costs 10% special energy to a assimilator, so running in a squadron of expendible ships can make the opposition waste a heck of a lot of energy. It can completely deplete the special energy if your lucky- something worth remembering when your attacking. This is essential if your starting a large fleet battle as the Klingons as they have a very small crew size on their battleships.


If you ever find a use for this ship please do tell. The borg have better, cheaper and more effective things for doing everything.


Don't build it. Ever. The regeneration ability is a nice idea, but if it dies as soon as something looks at it then what do you have to regenerate?


Oh, I am sure everyone knows my feelings about this ship. As Starprowler was once heard commenting "Diamonds are a Freyr's best friend" Its a great asset in a fight and I would much prefer to have a fleet of these with full tech than half a dozen fleets of assimilators.


The Ultrium burst. Its destruction incarnate!

I say this because quite simply because one single ultrium burst will decimate half a fleet of assimilators in about five seconds. If you can use it properly (ie, fleets of 4+ ships) you can knock out even large fleets with comparably tiny losses. The other thing is you can shoot and scoot, there is no need to have your ships in a prolonged battle meaning you can hit someone with one fleet and run it away and then use a second fleet to keep them busy while the first rechanges, you can then simply swap the fleets and keep doing it. Because you don't even need to be in the weapons range of your enemy this is a highly effective way of fighting. Ultrium bursts also ignore the Federation Corbimite reflector meaning you can decimate a VERY expensive Soverign fleet without even putting a ship at risk.

For the most effective use of the burst, don't shoot an entire fleets worth at one point because they will probably only take out 20-30 ships. Fire these in groups of 4 at targets around the edge of the fleet or base for the best effect. If your diaminds are being attacked by destroyer sized ships you can either use a single Ultrium burst to kill the lot or just not bother. The normal weapons the diamond packs are good enough to repel most destroyer sized ships without any significant losses, especially when your at level3 weapons.

The only thing that I can think of that could conceivably work to kill diamonds is to send in small squads of your races battleship. If they fire all the ultrium bursts then bring in the rest of your ships. If they don't use the ultrium then kill as many diamonds as you can before they kill you. If they do a me and only fire enough off to kill the ships you have, then you have a massive problem on your hands! The only suggestion I have is to dodge the diamonds the best you can and go strait for the tech centers and try and finish them quickly.

You can remodulate a ship or a stations shields making it invincible. One of my favorite tricks is to do this to another diamond and then use the invincible diamond to steal a ship with the computer override. For instance, You can steal a TFC and hit the self destruct which will let you kill it. A bug mother is technicially a ship becuase it can move. Steal it! you will have a few (about 20) seconds of control before they get there Mother back so use this time to blow up passives that they may have nearby before hitting the decommission button.

Nanites are good for shooting at derelict ships or stations but its not useful in combat because it dosen't do damage, it only moves the GUI around which is REALLY annoying after a while, especially in combat when your trying to concentrate.

The real weakness that you face with building Diamonds is that they take a long time to build relative to a battleship. This can be compensated for by building more yards, however borg advanced yards are not exactly tiny little things and constructing large numbers can present space problems if your in enclosed areas. The other problem is that once you start fielding diamonds in any significant numbers your tech center becomes the prime target for destruction. It's simple to work around mind, just build several and guard them all with diamonds with special weapon autonomy on max.

They'll either use shield remodulation on the station, or ultrium burst whatever's attacking. Or both. Either way, you win.

Defending against a diamond onslaught from a halfway to competent player is the nearest thing to impossible your going to get in Armada II. Strategicially, kill the technology buildings of the borg player. QUICKLY. Then, you can take the now defanged diamonds. Beware multiple tech centers, most people using diamonds will have backed up their tech tree several times over, I always do.

Tacticially, if your unable to get at the tech center then your dead. However, if you want to go down fighting then your best option is to split your fleets up to groups of smaller ships. If your opponent messes up then he'll fire a fleet's worth of 16 ultrium beams at half a dozen battleships, at which point your remaining ten ships can have a a scrap with the diamonds without getting immediately blasted to bits.

Oh, and try to get to tech level 3 shields. They'll give shields 100% stronger which means that each ship will need more ultrium bursts to kill which in turn gives you more chance of keeping alive. However, this can be countered by your opponent getting level 3 weapons, which makes his weapons do 100% more damage. If he gets his weapons before you get your shields...

Harmonic Defender

A shot from this ship's special weapon recharges a certain amount of special energy on a ship. From memory, it can recharge about 20% of special energy on a diamond. Use this in small groups to keep your diamonds firing, remember you can easily get a hundred diamonds in the space that the field covers and these ships only cost about 130D and 50M! It is also possible to recharge the transwarp gate with these, however it dosen't make a noticible difference as the energy requirement is massive. If your in a recharging race with someone on the other side of the map then go for it, otherwise its probably not worth the bother.


Don't use the holding beam unless you using them in massive numbers. Forget assimilation and focus on extirmination. anyway, the cube in a nutshell. It's a powerfull ship which takes up to much room to be good in a formation of 16 because the back ships are so far away they can't fire back at the targets the front rank is getting shot at by. Just get 8 and for for a FC unless you have something like the roms holo or the feds corbomite, in which case go for mass production.

Personally, I would recommend not researching the holding beam, instead build the technology assimilator and put your cubes on full weapon autonomy. This means that faced with any special weapons at least one ship will assimilate the technology and then use it when it recharges. This usually means you can get yourself a corbomite reflector or ion cannon in fleet combat, both of which are fairly handy.

If you do manage to get a powerful special from a battleship (such as the afforementioned corbomite reflector or ion cannon) then don't send your ship back for dissasembely so that you get it on every ship. Instead, simply assimilate it from each ship individually. This means that the only effect of blowing up your technology assimilator will be that you can no longer tech assimilate or use the tech assimilator beam. You'll still have the tech you've assimilated on each and every single ship.

You can then watch the opposition scream if you've got corbomite reflectors or holo emitters. :)

There's a lesson there as well, NEVER use corbomite reflectors or holo emitters against Borg cubes. I'll hurt you a lot more than it does the Borg.

Tactical Cube

Much MUCH more powerfull than a normal cube. Its also much MUCH more expensive! See cube, same comments apply.

Fusion Cube (FC)

In my opinion the Fusion style cubes are much overrated. Make no mistake though, they are powerfull and capable of taking and dishing out huge amounts of damage. The shield rating of an FC is about 8000- a starbase is 6000.

One word of warning with FC's and TFC's. Don't warp into the middle of a base, you are then putting yourself into weapons range of every single weapon at the same time which is totally stupid. Work around the outside of a base and if you encounter a fleet move away from them at impulse speed. You ship will still at shoot on the move and trailing ships in there formation won't be able to fire. You will also take less damage- see the ship tactics section. Don't be afraid to run for it if you start taking damage. I will be on the way home at warp speed if the shields are below 20% and still falling. Its cheaper to repair a FC and come back a minute later than to build another one from stratch!

One last thing, get the life support upgrades if your using FC's or TFC's, this reduces crew loss in battles. Recrewing them after a serious fight takes way to long otherwise.

Tactical Fusion cube (TFC)

Read the FC's text, the same applies except for the shield rating which is 12000 instead of 8000.


Nexus The borg starbase is pretty similar to the other races starbases.

Don't use starbases as defensive structures unless you need another crew source or your short on officers. If you do the math on turrets you will see you can build 26 turrets for the same cost as a starbase. Twenty six standard energy cannons outgun a starbase somewhat, and they take longer to kill simply because of having to cycle through so many different targets. 8 Torpedo turrets are preferable to 26 pulse turrets.

Resource Processing Node Processes dilithium and Metal shipments, otherwise nothing worthy of note.

Energy Cannon Fires a pulse phaser burst at anything in range, effective against destroyers, crusers if built in groups and ineffective against battleships unless if built in huge tightly grouped clusters.

Detection Array Can detect cloak if tach grid researched.

Assembly matrix. The borg basic shipyard is HUGE and presents an easy target for rushes if its not defended carefully.

Recycler More efficient decommissioning and allows transmution between metal and dilithium as the borg don't have latinum.

Borg Torpedo turret Expensive and efficient. The Borg torpedo turret is scarily effective, however it is almost double the metal cost of the other races torp turrets. This is not a huge problem however, remember Borg Metal mining is a lot faster.

Modification center Basic reseach center for the borg.

Technology Assimilator Allows permanant assimilation of a technology and construction of the fusion module.

Advanced Assembly Matrix (Adv. Shipyard) A huge structure for the construction of huge ships. Borg advanced shipyards are a prime target for everybody that dosen't like the idea of being decimated by fusion cubes or diamond swarms (which is everybody on the opposition) The sheer size of the structure makes them hard to defend with static defenses like turrets.

Upgrade facility The upgrade facility allows you to improve ship systems. Even today, a scary number of people in A2 simply don't understand the function of the Upgrade Facility. Level 3 Shields will literially double the amount of damage your shields are capable of withstanding, and weapons are basicially the same. Upgrade to Level 3 weapons and *everything* fires twice as fast, including mining beams. This lets you near double the amount of resources you have available without mining any additional resources. Amazingly most people still haven't realised this.

Personally, I think this is the reason that the bug battleship is so feared on the battlefield rather than the actual unit. Ok, if you look at the raw stats on the Battleship then one must admit its quite a warship. However, in my opinon a lot of the outright fear people have for the battleships comes from being decimated by them. Now, to get the battleship you have to have the bug version of the upgrade center. As soon as anybody finishes building the upgrade center they immediately go for the weapons and shields upgrades. If you consider, a ship with both the weapons and shields upgrades is effectively has the same combat power as another couple of ships of the same class, as its got DOUBLE the firepower AND shielding that it started with.

I have fought battleship fleets to a standstill and smashed them, and as the Romulans to boot. The best example would probably be the time I sneaked in cloaked with Warbirds and Verles class ships and immediately blew away all the species structures leaving only the battleships before running. Shortly afterwards I was obliged to throw my Warbird fleet into the path of the Battleships without the support of the Shadow with its holo emitters. We were both running with roughtly equal numbers, except I had all the upgrades plus the shield invertor and they didn't. I was expecting to lose the warbirds, and maybe force a withdrawl through moderate losses to them.

Instead, my ships completely annihilated them. Like, totally. And the Romulans are well known for having weak ships (its the legacy of having a 0.8 attack ratio instead of 1.0 like the feds or 1.2 like the Klingons, Cards and Bugs.

Transwarp gate

There is not to much you can say about the transwarp gate really. Its not really that useful to the borg unless they are allied with another player and then you can do some funny things. Like open a gate right in the middle of somebodies base and send through a couple of Jach'eng/dreadnought /Phoenix class ships which have been remodulated by a diamond before hand. The Borg on their own can only throw in the comparitively tame remodulated TFC.

If your defending against someone doing this, your pretty stuffed to be honest. The only race that can counter this properly for all 3 super weapons is the borg, simply by using the computer override and returning the superweapon to it's rightful owner. The federation can sort of counter the dreadnought with the engine override, it lasts the same time as the shield remodulation which will give you a chance to stop it before the dreadnought can hit anything.

Federation :-

Spoiler: Show



Construction ship

It builds stuff and not many people realise the tractor beam actually does have a purpose. Wouldn't it be great if you could tow ships back to a shipyard for repairs? Well, you can.

Tractor the ship to the point where it would enter the repair dock and beam crew onboard and give orders to return to the shipyard for repairs. The ship will then enter the que (even with disabled engines) and wait its turn. It will move fowards without the tractor beam so you can send the con ship somewhere else.

Dilithium/Latinum Freighter

They mine dilithium to keep your shipyards busy. By mining latinum however they can be used defensivly to great effect. Fill one with latinum and watch the explosion, even better put a couple of little ships like scouts or destroyer sized ships nearby when you do it to get an idea of the power of this blast.

Used effectively a "latinum bomb", or "lat bomb" for short is capable of halting early large scale rushes by making them economicly unviable.

"Venture" Class Scout

As a warship the scout is almost totally useless unless used in very large swarms (ie >50 ships). The scout is usefull because of its large sensor area and tachyon grid special weapon that allows it to detect cloaked ships.

It is however worth noting that a "scout rush" can be done by building the maximum number of scouts possible from starting resources. If you throw these scouts against the starbase it can't cycle between targets fast enough to kill all of the scouts before they kill the starbase.

If your on the receiving end, this attack is best countered with latinum bombs. (see freighter entry)

"Sabre" Class Destroyer

The Sabre is of little practical use in firefights. The Sabre falls short lacking both the firepower and shielding to do significant damage comparable with the other federation destroyer class, The "Defiant".

"Defiant" Class Destroyer

The Defiant is a sturdy warship superior to any other races destroyer class vessels and its antimatter mines give it a strong first strike advantage against even the largest targets. The defiant is the best small warship that the federation have, and one that you will encounter the most ingame as it is widely used by federation players.

The Defiant is one of the best warships in game for a skilled player. Thanks to the mines its useful even in the late stages of the game, not only for use as a minelayer but as an assualt craft. 2 fleets of defiants can kill a Borg Tactical Fusion Cube (TFC) in mere moments.

Colony Ship

It colonises planets, not much else to say beyond the programming bug.

There is a programming bug in the colony ship that allows you to colonise an infinite number of planets an infinite number of times from a single colony ship. I know how to do it, but i'm not telling.

Why? Once upon a time every decent Armada player knew all of the game bugs. I certainly do, however we never used them. Abusing game bugs was taboo; if you were caught doing it then the game would be instantly over and that player would never be welcome again. Unfortunatly, since then people have become a lot less decent and now use them if they think they can get away with it.

You can identify this cheat by planets being colonised to 5k civilian population very early in the game, but with only 100 or less crew on the planet. If done properly then the planet would have 500 crew, 100 for each colony ship.

"Iwo Jima" Assualt Ship

Armed with a single pulse phaser, and fairly thin shields Assualt Ships are not viable warships. There use comes from being the only warp capable vessel with a tractor beam, allowing it to quickly bring valuable salvage to your base for repairs. Dragging borg fusion cubes away from a fight when they are derilict is useful.

"Akira" Class Cruiser

The Akira is good for defending outstations against attacks by smaller ships but it is an overall failure as a warship. Its cost in metal is 50% greater than the Galaxy class Battleship yet it does not have the firepower and shielding to stand against battleships. Its shields and hull are weak enough to be destroyed in one volley from a starbase (despite its cost) which makes it unsuitable for starbase assualts.

Defensively, it's a reasonable ship against destroyers due to the chain reaction pulsar. However, that said unless you have an extreme surplus of metal it's not worth deploying.

"Intrepid" Class Cruiser

The Intrepid has some use as a cruiser, having no metal cost at all. It is expensive in dilithium, however. Completely lacking special weapons and not having the shielding or firepower to stand against battleships I wouldn't recommend building it over Defiant's in almost all circumstances.

"Steamrunner" Class Cruiser

The Steamrunner's tricobalt torpedoes are all but useless. Although it is possible to attack from outside a stations firing range there will be warships warping in before you can do any serious damage. The Engine Disabler special is not really usefull in fleet battles though you can use it to great effect near defences and black holes.

"Aegian" Class Frigate

A total failure as a warship, and its shield enchancing technology is to weak for practical use in combat. It is also a failure at repairing stations shields due to the amount of the shield energy restorerd. It would need many of these to be of any use, and that would require tying down the advanced yard for a prolonged time instead of building useful warships.

"Galaxy" Class Battleship

The Galaxy class battleship is the strongest offensive weapon the federation has to offer, having more firepower than the Soverign class, though the Soverigns corbomite reflector allows it to stay in combat for longer doing more damage over the course of it's lifetime. The Galaxy's ability to seperate is useless, as the smaller pieces don't have the weaponry or the shielding to either survive or do any damage in fleet combat.

One word of warning, three Galaxys can't kill 2 Klingon Qeh'ral class battleships so either support them with Defiants (including the antimatter mines!) or Nebula's with the Point Defense Phaser or go in with a huge advantage in numbers.

"Nebula" Class Science Ship

The Nebula is not a combat ship and it should never be used alone in combat. However, that said it does has a usefull array of technology that can be used to great effect to assist combat fleets. Its point defense phaser can save your ships from an incredible amount of damage in large scale battles, its shield dampening technology can render larger ships like the borg fusions cubes defenseless and if you have taken a large ship, like a TFC then the Gemini effect can be a real thorn in your opponents side. The Engineering team is good for quickly restoring stations that have taken severe damage and getting derilict ships combat worthy in moments.

"Soverign" Class Battleship

When armed with the corbonite reflector the Soverign is a real pain to fight. Its high crew count makes it harder to assimilate than other battleships and the corbomite reflector can reflect lots of damage which keeps your ships in the fight for longer, not to mention that the damage is being shot back at the person that fired it, meaning that after a few minutes of such abuse you will start seeing your opponent losing there ships to their own fire. Level 3 Shields are a must as some damage (~10%) leaks through the reflector.

I recommend deploying Soverigns in fleets of nothing but Soverigns. Doing this denies an enemy the chance to attack something that doesn't have a corbimite reflector which means they will keep pounding your ships until THEY blow up from their own fire.

When i'm attacking soverigns by first reaction is to quickly target each ship in the formation to trip the automaticially activated special weapon. By the time you've reached the last ship, the first one you targeted will have run out of special energy and lost it's reflector and be vunrable.

The Corbomite reflector does not defend against pulse based weapons. This means that basic turrets, starbases and most races destroyers can damage them even when the reflector is up. Also, it does not stop anti matter mines from the Federation Defiant or the Ultrium beam from the Borg Diamond.


Spoiler: Show

Construction ship

It builds stuff and not many people realise the tractor beam actually does have a purpose. Wouldn't it be great if you could tow ships back to a shipyard for repairs? Well, you can.

Tractor the ship to the point where it would enter the repair dock and beam crew onboard and give orders to return to the shipyard for repairs. The ship will then enter the que (even with disabled engines) and wait its turn. It will move fowards without the tractor beam so you can send the con ship somewhere else.

Forget the nominal weapon onboard, it's not powerful enough to hurt a scout.

Dilithium/Latinum Freighter

They mine dilithium to keep your shipyards busy. By mining latinum however they can be used defensivly to great effect. Fill one with latinum and watch the explosion, even better put a couple of little ships like scouts or destroyer sized ships nearby when you do it to get an idea of the power of this blast.

"NaQ'Quj" class scout

As a warship the scout is almost totally useless unless used in large swarms. The scout is usefull because of its large sensor area and tachyon grid special weapon that allows it to detect cloaked ships.

"B'rel" Class Bird of Prey (Klingon destroyer)

The Bird of Prey is cheap, and effective for its cost. Its significantly cheaper than most of the opposing destroyers which makes rushes with it affordable. It is also weaker than the other destroyers, though its torpedoes give it a longer range than some of its counterparts and you can compensate for the lack of individual power with large swarms. The cloaking device is a usefull addition to the ship and it gives this ship some use as a scout for the klingons.

In a fight, remember to close to weapons range of the disruptor cannons as a fleet of these ships will just enter torp range if given the attack command.

The gravity mines can stop ships from using warp as well as significantly slowing the ships down in impulse.

SuQ' Jagh class Assualt ship

Its unused for a reason. Use it to find out about the paper thin shields, the ineffective weapons and the useless special weapon.

The only conceivable use would be against starbases that haven't been recrewed (i've done this myself in the past) or tech buildings, but for the (excessive) cost I would usually rather just blow them up, unless you looking at picking up valuable tech. (I'll happily go to the expense to get hold of borg tech, for instance.)

Chava'kal class Assualt ship

Armed with a single pulse phaser, and fairly thin shields Assualt Ships are not viable warships. There use comes from being the only warp capable vessel with a tractor beam, allowing it to quickly bring valuable salvage to your base for repairs. Dragging borg fusion cubes away from a fight when they are derilict is usefull in my opinion.

Koloth Class Frigate

This is good for extending the range of your ships which will allow you to bombard defense stations from outside there weapons range. The ship itself is to weak for frontline assualt duty.

Chuq'Beh class Artillery ship

Tricobalt torpedoes are all but useless. Although it is possible to attack from outside a stations firing range there will be warships warping in before you can do any serious damage and the metal cost is probhibitive in deploying them.

Vor'Cha class Cruiser

Though there is some use in the Polaron torpedo to disable a system on a single large target (Starbase, SC, TFC) I don't like staking the entire game on a twenty percent chance of getting the right system (weapons) If you don't get it then you lose the ships, and the game if you were relying on them to do a job.

Fek'Lhr class Science Ship

While it can occasionally be useful I wouldn't build it as standard. The special weapons it has aren't useful enough in most circumstances, excluding the death chant, which just makes your ships fire faster for a few seconds. The repulsion wave only knocks out engines on a single ship and pushes it back. That's only useful with valuable ships like a TFC near black holes. :) The Ion Storm does damage shields and kill crew without damaging the hull, but it's got a serious downside. It dosen't last long enough to do serious damage on its own is the first, and the second is that its trivial to get out of its area of effect. Lastly, the energy dissipator does have some use; if your playing with a federation ally who's given a corbomite reflector to a TFC then you can knock it out of action long enough to kill it.

Qeh' Ral class Battleship

This is one of the best warships in the game as I am sure you already know its where the klingons main strength comes from. Its one of the hardest battleships coming behind the cube and the Galor. However, its smaller crew complement allows for easy mass production in the early stages of the game as you can afford two 'Rals for the crew cost of a single cube.

Negh'Var class Battleship

The Qeh'Ral's big brother, Keep the special for base assualts and shoot it at something valuable like your opponents upgrade center or a Starbase.

Jach'Eng class Special Weapon

Now, this is not used by many people for a good reason. If you use it then you can expect your opponents to turn and warp out of the Shockwave before it hits. I certainly do! Oh, and you can't use it in a grav well so forget that! (of course, a cunning tactician can use gravity mines from the bird of prey to immobilise a fleet)

I've used these all of two times effectively myself, the first time I was allied with a borg played who was kind enough to build a transwarp gate and some diamonds to use shield remodulation on them before I lobbed a squadron of them through the transwarp gate into the middle of the oppositions base. Hardly something you can do most of the time!

The second time, I used two of these. As I detonated the first one the player promptly did a textbook evasion manuver, coming about face and warping away from the explosion which took the majority of his fleet into the path of the second Jach'eng. I'd have loved to see his face. :)

Still, it's VERY difficult to use this weapon effectively, not least because it's slow and inadequately shielded so you can only fire it at the maximum range.


Spoiler: Show

The Romulans are supposed to be sneaky and devious, and to win as them in Armada you must be to. To many people fail to win in a "fair" fight (as in, with sheer firepower) and decide the Romulans are weak. The solution is to not fight fair!

Personally speaking, playing as Romulans I have won in 1v2's and 2v4's, so I think that highlights that the Romulans are anything but a weak race.

Whilst they don't posses the sheer firepower of races like the Borg and the Klingons the Romulans compensate with a huge and diverse arsenal of special weapons. Anybody fighting a truely competent Romulan gamer is almost certainly dead, or at the least in for a long hard and costly fight if the game is being played on a "rush" map. That having been said, in many years I have only met a handful of people that truely understand how to play the Romulans.

The Romulans have a large stock of Latinum spare at the start of the game, which can advance you quite a long way along the tech tree in a fairly short time, or pay for a LOT of special weapons. (or both) Failing that, you can convert it to Metal and build a heck of a lot of stations or Venators with it. I feel that doing this is short sighted, as the romulans should NOT be engaging in fleet combat like other races do. If your engaging in heavy fleet combat with Romulans then unless your supporting someone elses attacks then I do think you need to consider quite carefully how your planning on winning as ALL the other races have a significant advantage over you because your Venators are so weak.

One example of a good romulan ship is the Shadow. The Shadow is in competition for the most devestating ship available, far outshining ships like the Borgs Tactical Fusion Cube (TFC) in terms of the devestation it can cause.

Lets take a look why.

4 Shadows can deliver 8 shots of the Psyonic Beam to a TFC which will totally kill the crew onboard which will allow you to beam boarding parties onto the TFC. It won't have a single scratch on it, and all you will need to do is send it to a shipyard for recrewing. If you do this, remember to recrew it and THEN thank the previous owner for it. (its an excellent bit of psychological warfare as most people get quite fixated on defence when they know you have one of their TFC's on the loose.) Don't thank them for it before you've recrewed it, unless you WANT them to come and blow it up in the yard. Afterwards is just fine.

For fleet actions the Shadow has the Holographic Projector which makes enemy ships ignore your ships and target each other. Used properly, this is one of the most deadly weapons in Armada. A couple of fleets of Shadows are near impossible to beat, especially if you factor in the ability to phase cloak. You can phase cloak 8 shadows outside of a base, warp in and decloak and fire on one single high value target (like the upgrade center or Starbase) While firing with phasers would not be effective firing with 8 Psyonic beams certainly is, as it will totally kill all the crew! This lets you take a valuable station, in the case of a upgrade center its best to decommission it to prevent it from being retaken but you can have great fun with pinching starbases and turning them on the former owners.

Another often missed gem the Romulans have is the Verles class frigate. This ships special weapon allows all ships around it to fire while they are cloaked. If the target player does not have a tachyon detection grid then you can inflict massive damage to them with complete impunity. To be fair, its rare that you get the change to do this, but once you do it can end the game in moments. Species 8472 is extremely vulnerable to this as they don't use construction ships and rarely have significant numbers of embreos away from their base to rebuild with.


Romulan Star Empire

Construction ship

It builds stuff and not many people realise the tractor beam actually does have a purpose. Wouldn't it be great if you could tow ships back to a shipyard for repairs? Well, you can.

Tractor the ship to the point where it would enter the repair dock and beam crew onboard and give orders to return to the shipyard for repairs. The ship will then enter the que (even with disabled engines) and wait its turn. It will move fowards without the tractor beam so you can send the con ship somewhere else.

Dilithium/Latinum Freighter

They mine dilithium to keep your shipyards busy. By mining latinum however they can be used defensivly to great effect. Fill one with latinum and watch the explosion, even better put a couple of little ships like scouts or destroyer sized ships nearby when you do it to get an idea of the power of this blast.

"Talon" Class Scout

The Romulan scout is one of the only scouts with a cloaking device which is incredibly useful. Build several of these and put them in strategic points across the map (IE likely approch routes) so you can see incoming attacks, you and your allies will greatly benefit from the increased intel.

As a cloaked cloak detecting unit you can also make it very difficult for someont else to sneak cloaked scouts into your base, as your opponent can never tell where your stealth detection is.

"Shrike" Class Destroyer

The Shrike is pretty useless, really. Its the weakest destroyer with its only real use coming from its special weapon. (the spy) If you can manage to get a spy onboard a starbase it gives you the position of every unit and ship your opponent has, and you get feed from their sensors for a few seconds which is very handy.

"Griffin" Class Very Light Cruiser

Most people rightly dismiss the Griffin as a worthwhile attack ship, but thats not its real use. Its incredibly useful becuase of the special weapon it mounts, which is the sensor jammer.

The sensor jammer disables all sensors within its range, which is a large but flat radius. (Meaning it won't disable things above or below it)

Using this you can seriously upset attacking fleets. One of my favorite uses is spreading a few of these on full special weapons autonomy on the patch of an incoming fleet. All the sensors will go down, they won't be able to see what they intended to blow up (or, quite often whats shooting at them) and they will be forced to withdraw while under fire.

Colony Ship

It colonises planets, and has little to note from the other ships with one minor exception. Colony ships for the other crew using races (excluding the borg) cost 400D and 50M, whereas the romulan one costs somewhat less. (133D and 33M)

"Kestral" Assualt Ship

Armed with a single pulse phaser, and fairly thin shields Assualt Ships are not viable warships. There use comes from being the only warp capable vessel with a tractor beam, allowing it to quickly bring valuable salvage to your base for repairs. Dragging borg fusion cubes away from a fight when they are derilict is usefull in my opinion.

"Draconarius" Class Light Cruiser

This ship is marginally stronger than the Griffin, but it costs more and dosen't have the special weapon, Personally I don't use them.

"Raptor" Class

The Raptor's tricobalt torpedo is all but useless. Although it is possible to attack from outside a stations firing range there will be warships warping in before you can do any serious damage.

This ship is *supposed* to have a weapon that disables weapons, but due to a game bug it dosen't fire, which renders the ship completely useless, as opposed to just fairly useless.

"Verles" Class Frigate

Another underrated terror the Romulans have in their arsenal is the Verles, whilst the shields and hull is weak its best used firing whilst cloaked. Get a fleet of these and another fleet of Venators. Cloak them, sit the the middle of the enemy base and fire the first cloak enhancer. Set all ships to RED ALERT immediately, as ships defualt to yellow when they cloak.

All hell will immediately break loose. You MUST keep an eye on the special weapon energy when it gets to about 20% start the next Verles class ship in your formation, if you accidentely run out of energy and you don't start another ship your ships will decloak and you will lose several before the shields come up.

Whilst your target priority will totally depend on your game I feel I must strongly reccommend that you blow up the research center FIRST or they will get a tach grid. Its best to retreat when you run out of energy so you can come back again without getting shot at. If they have tach grids before you do this then ask your teammates to kill the research centers for you, if they know what you are intending to do do then they will almost certainly help you out.

In the quite likely event of allies sending scouts so they can shoot at you then while it might sound a bit obvious BLOW THEM UP. They won't stand a second under a Venator/warbird bombardment and you will be left to devestate their base in peace.

It should be noted that doing this successfuly is actually quite hard, and few people have ever used this. Perfect using it on the AI before moving onto humans. As it is used so rarely nobody expects it so it tends to be quite effective.

"Venator" Class Battleship The Venator is the weakest battleship. While its price seems cheaper in comparison to the other races the Romulans are slower at mining so while I haven't sat down and calculated it I would imagine that its about the same relative cost as comparable ships from other races.

It can win in fleet battles providing you go in with numbers. However, if your trying to win a game as the Romulans soley with brute force then YOUR PLAYING THE WRONG RACE.

"Shadow" Class Science Ship

The Shadow is, quite possibely the most dangerous weapon in A2. A single Shadow equipped with holo emitters can devestate an attacking fleet, regardless of that fleet being scouts or multiple Tactical Fusion Cubes. The bigger the attacking fleet the more damage they will take when hit by the holo emitter!

You also have the psyonic beams, which will reduce the targets crew by 50%. Hit something 8 times and it will be near crewless. (you occasionally get one or two crew members left alive, so plan on 10-12 shots for good measure!) This is not to usefull on small ships but its really worth it when you can hit a FC or TFC because of the immense firepower of these ships.

A single shadow can fire two Psyonic beams from it's energy reserves, so 6 shadows can take a TFC, if they don't take any losses before they fire. That's unlikely, so either escort them with scouts or use more shadows.

Along with the Psyonic beam is the phase cloaking device. My favorite use for the phase cloak (other than walking through asteroid fields) is to use a fleet to take out something important like the tech center with the tachyon grid so you can walk cloaked ships or a phoenix or two into the base. Anyway, approach the target, cloak outside the firing range of the defences and then warp in range of the target. Order your ships to attack and they will start to decloak. Now, with the cursor over the target ship/staion keep tapping F10 rapidly. Before they can be fired upon by anything they will hit your target with a bunch of psyonic beams which will kill all the crew on the station. Now swich to pressing "T" and the ships will beam crew onboard and the station will be yours. select the station and start hitting "DELETE" on your keyboard, and it will decomission. That's a kill! Your then free to shoot up anything you can hit before you lose the shadows. It is actually impossible to defend against an attack like this as weapons fire passes strait through the phase cloak and they can always get off their salvo before the defensive fire kills them.

That said, i'm not sure if you can beam onto them while they are phase cloaked. If you end up with someone doing this to you then it might be worth finding out, because if you can then there may be a use for the assualt ship after all.

"Warbird" Class Battleship

The Warbird is quite strong when equipped with the shield inverter. If its not got the inverter then it becomes very easy to kill, so remember to have the inverter researched before you deploy your warbirds.

"Phoinix" Class superweapon

The Phoinix makes a big explosion. Very big, in fact. In comparison to the Dreadnaught the Phoinix does less damange to the focul point of the explosion (eg, it won't blow away a starbase in one) but the damage spread is far superior (eg, it will take out pretty much everything smaller than a staion on the screen)

This makes it great for anti fleet action. A single phoinix can EASILY wipe out a fleet of 16 battleships of any race (other than 8472. If faced with bugs simply detonate over their resource collection to wipe out the over expensive miners and then assualt the battleships with holo emitter equipped Shadows.)

Spoiler: Show


Escorting with scouts.

At a certain point in fleet battles there is enough firepower being thrown around to incinerate even a battleship in one shot. This is especially the case near massed base defences.

The auto targeting picks the smallest ships first, for reasons best known to the developers. You can take advantage of this by escorting battleships with multiple fleets of scouts. The defences will blow away your scouts first, and leave your battleships for last. In massed battles this can drastically increase the survivability of your fleets. It's especialy potent against base defences, as they can't be re targeted as a group. (you can't group select buildings) which can make those torpedo turrets or the upgraded bug pulses near completely useless.

Keep moving!

Simple yet effective, did you realise weapons have an extra 25% chance to miss when your moving at full impulse?

Ok, so you lose 25% of your shots, but if your using a TFC then you will still get a kill in a single barrage and a 25% reduction of incoming weapons fire is quite a considerable reduction in terms of received damage.

Better, if you head away from the fleet and they are using large ships like warbirds or pretty much any of the larger battleships they can't actually get the back rank (or back two ranks) to fire at you.

Latinum bombs.

A time honored solution to the scout rush. As a bit of history, the scout rush was a result of one of the developers mentioning on SGN (a big armada site in it's day, now defunct) that according to automated testing the federation scout was the most cost to damage efficient ship to build, and he wondered if anybody had ever only build scouts.

For the next few weeks, everybody was trying it. (and yes, it works. You can kill a starbase(!) with several fleets of scouts, simply because the starbase can't cycle targets fast enough to kill them all)

The best solution available (with technology available at about a minute into the game) was quickly discovered to be to mine latinum, and then blow the freighter up. At close range the explosion will kill a destroyer, never mind a scout. It will do moderate damage to destroyers and destroy scouts at some distance, and even at the edge of the explosion the damage is noticeable on small craft.

Yet, despite that level of damage, it doesn't damage base buildings significantly due to their heavy shielding.

The word quickly spread, and scout rushing came to an abrupt end.

Run for it!

Sucicide attacks are out of fashion in my book unless its absolutely vital. Don't waste valuable ships that you can bring home and repair to reuse.

Tractor beams

Wouldn't it be neat if you could tractor disabled ships back to a shipyard for repair? Well, though virtually nobody knows this you can do.

Pick your ship with disabled engines and order it to return to the shipyard, then tractor it to the point where it would enter the shipyard for repairs. If your in the right spot (you'll learn how to find it with practice!) the tractor beam will disengage and it will enter the que for repairs. A word to the wise, don't let it run out of crew while in the que. I'll go derelict and not get repaired.

Ok, I am the first to concede that this is not that handy if you have a disabled scout, but if you manage to capture a FC that was attacking you its genrally sitting in your base with its engines out? Now, if your in that situation knowing this goes from being a bit of trivia to a gamewinning killer.


Not all planets are equal. There are six classes of planets you may encounter.

Classes D, J, H, L, K & M respectively.

Everybody knows that, they are even listed in the original manual.

What the original manual completly failed to mention was that in addition to containing a different amount of metal they also PRODUCE a different amount of metal per amount of time your mining them.

Class D is a small rocky planetoid. They contain huge, massive reserves of metal and have an extremely high metal mining rate; but they can't be colonised.

Class J is a gas giant. They contain huge reserves of metal and have an very high metal mining rate; but they can't be colonised.

Class H is a reddish looking planetoid. It contains large metal reserves and has a reasonabe metal mining rate and can also be colonised by 3000 colonists. This requires you to use three colony ships to reach it's maximum size.

Class K is a small arctic planetoid. It contains some metal, and you can colonise it with upto 2000 colonists, which requres two colony ships.

Class M is a earth type planetoid. They contain a little metal and produce so little I sometimes don't even bother mining them, but they can be colonised with up to 5000 colonists.

You get crew faster from colonies by increasing the civilian population. Personally, I don't think that increasing the military crew assigned to a planet makes the slightest bit of difference to the crew production rate.


I doubt that i'm telling anybody anything here that they didn't know anyway. However;

Metron (red) Damages ships.

Radioactive (yellow) Kills crew slowly.

Metaphasic Increases repair rates considerably.

Cerulean (blue) Disables shields & weapons. (including cloaking devices, as a cloaking device is classed as a weapon)

Mutara Disables shields & sensors.

As a completely random point,I seem to remember that when I watched ST3 many years ago and bones was trying to hire a ship he was trying to go to somewhere in the "mutara sector", so the "mutara nebula" spock mentioned in ST2 would surely be a nebula that exists in the mutara sector rather than the designation of a nebula type? I know. I have to good a memory and like pointing out consistancy flaws to much...

Latinum No effects.

Tachyon No effects.

Build orders.

A few old truths do still help people that aren't very good at Armada quite a lot.

Pick a map with a Class M, Class D and a couple of dilithium moons near your starting position. Build things in exactly the order stated. No deviation please until your confident doing it this way. At that point, play around and figure out what works for the map your playing on. Different maps need different things built in different orders.

There are a handful of the "classic" maps played a lot included with various versions of the Upgrade Project. Rather carelessly, I forgot to include them in Vanilla Ultmate; i'll release them with the patched version.


You start off with one starbase, two construction ships and a scout. The first thing to do is start building a research center. Do this next to the starbase (ie, touching!) to take advantage of the cover fire from the guns of the starbase. Use the second construction ship to build a metal mine, then a shipyard. the build time of a mental mine plus a shipyard is the same as the research center, so the research center should be finishing about the time when you shipyard is about 80% complete. If its much less than this, your going slow.

You now have all of the requirements to build an advanced shipyard, so get it started. Again, building it next to the starbase so it can take advantage of the starbases guns is a pretty good idea. Now you've got that building you have two other things you need to be dealing with. The first is crew, which your short of. Order a colony ship from your basic yard.

Don't sit around watching it build. Don't you know there's a war on!?

You need to get your dilithium up, because while you have enough for a few battleships each colony ship you put out is reducing your dilithium reserves by quite a bit. However, you'll need the crew before you need the dilithium which is why we ordered the colony ship first. Now, if your as quick as you should be then you'll be short of crew and unable to build the dilithium mine. However, as your unpracticed doing this your slow and you've got enough.

Right? I'm clairvoyant. I just know. :-)

Now you've got this building, the colony ship should be about finished and it waiting for its marching orders, so get it heading towards the planet. Having done that your advanced yard's now finished. Get it building a couple of battleships for base defense. If your playing against a stock AI its probably about to find you.

With a scout. On the other hand, if your playing one of my AI's it's probably building battleships as well by now so watch out.

Anyway, from here you'd better do what you think is best. However, i'd point out a couple of things you should do. Firstly, you should get some more colony ships out. You need 3 to keep up constant production of 'rals, which means you should have 4 out there to give yourself enough crew income to build up a reserve and allow you to build your base as well.

You also need to get at least 3 dilithium miners on the dilithium moon, and you should have multiple mining stations around it. If you have the stations set up right then the miners don't have to go very far to be able to pop into a mining station. If you have it set up wrongly, they will slowly orbit the moon and you'll spend ages waiting for the dilithium.

You might also consider putting a couple of miners on latinum duty. You don't need it for shipbuilding, but building up a stock of latinum will set you up for building your tech buildings, which you ought to be thinking about.

Good luck. :)



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