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26th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

just reinstalled armada2 after not playing for some time after few hrs of play i wanted to add my own borg ships in but after doing the first one the others just dont work :( took me ages to rember how it was done in the first place but when i export the .sod file my textures do not show up i`ve tryed exporting with 24bit tga`s and 32bit tga`s and having no joy at all its just a white ship????? Untitled-1.jpg i`ve tryed replacing the .sod plugin and replacing the storm3d.exe file just too make sure and still no joy really getting to me now cant work out why as you see i got this ship below to work fine? first one i did can anyone please help me too sort this problem out i got few ships i like to add to the game and cant export till i find out why my textures are not holding Snapshot000.JPG Snapshot003.JPG thanks Darkdrone