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#1 9 years ago

Hey everyone so I made a new intro for my mod that im slowly starting to mod again however few years back i remember i had this problem as well but I don't think i fixed it. My known facts: maybe it has to be in original size? Problem: I've used 3 small portions of my new intro to test it. Everytime it gets to the 2nd .bik intro it crashes in each case :s (which is the paramount one) (first one being the akira destroying activision or it's a soverign idk w.e.) My 2 Cents: yes im usuing the rad tools. and hmmm....I could send anyone the file for them to try to make it work? (p.s. it's only about 1/6th completed it's about 5 min's long) I just wanna solve this problem now instead of like continue making more intro's for it and come to find out that maybe it's not possible? Also I'll try to get back to anyone's responses as soon as possible (only my dad's house has internet) :s only go here every 2 or 3 days :s but at least i have internet on my phone :) edit- Also my closet thing to handling in the .bik field was when i did a new main menu like 2 years ago...