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13th August 2004

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#1 12 years ago

It's been a long time since I had any real problems, as I am quite familiar with A2, but now I am stuck once more. I recently installed the A2 physics project (I think it was this one: The A2 Physics Project - Final Version, Star Trek: Armada 2 Downloads, Star Trek: Armada 2 Physics ) And when I play as the Borg, I cannot colonize planets anymore as the colony ship doesn't move into position anymore. I tried several things already, but I think it would be easier to replace them back to original. Now stupid old me thinks he's so good, he doesn't need to make backups anymore... So I have a request: If you have the original stock odf for the Borg Colonizer and the stock physics file for the colonizer, please PM me, I'll send you my email and you can send the files to me. If anyone is willing, ofcourse ;) Thanks in advance


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20th April 2007

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#2 12 years ago

lolwut, copypasta ftw

Bbatphys.odf //********************************************************************** //PHYSICS PARAMETERS // Move like a borg battleship physics = "borg" // Ship's full throtle forward speed when under impluse power. // You can change this as much as you like without having to // send the pilot back to Starfleet Academy. combatSpeed = 60 impulseSpeed = 80 warpSpeed = 480 //rotation rate of borg "spin" maxRotationSpeed = 0.75 //********************************************************************** //BEHAVIOUR PARAMETERS // When we're moving, if we're closer to our goal point than // this, start breaking and don't avoid obstacles. tooCloseToTurn = 50; // When you're moving slower than this, stop rotating. tooSlowToTurn = 5; //********************************************************************** // ADVANCED BEHAVIOUR PARAMETERS // When path following, we follow a point on our path that's // this far in front of us. pathLeadDistance = 150;

//************************************************************ // ADVANCED PHYSICS PARAMETERS frontBackInertia = 7.5 braccelControlStiffness = 1.5 rotationAcceleration = 2.0 rotationStiffness = 1.0 //************************************************************ // COMBAT PHYSICS FILE combatPhysicsFile = "bbatcombat.odf"

Bbatcombat.odf //********************************************************************** //PHYSICS PARAMETERS // Borg Battle Combat Physics //************************************************************ // ADVANCED PHYSICS PARAMETERS // frontBackInertia: the bigger this number, the longer it takes // to get up to speed. Bigger ships should have larger // inertias, as this helps give the illusion of mass. frontBackInertia = 30 // Generic control parameters // Controls how fast you move to a position. // braccelControlStiffness = 1.5