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#1 13 years ago

Ok, who can solve this riddle for A2 then!


1 shipyard- you can open the build palette (you press that yellow gerder buttton which changes the toolbar to the ship build icons), and it works.

Another shipyard- this one, when you rpess that yellow gerder button to access the ship build icons, it crashes to desktop...

Anybody got a solution for this?

That's my main query over, now, here's a few extra's:

1) Is there a way to set standard weapons so you can literally "fire blind" and target random spaces and just fire, and I know this is possible cause you can do it with the artillery torps?

2) Has anybody actually taken stock weaponary and simply reduced the size of them? It makes a humongous difference and they look significantly bigger (especially when you have an oberth firing a weapon thats bigger than it icon_rolleyes.gif ).

Ok, thats it for the mo, thanks for any help!!!