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29th May 2004

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#1 8 years ago

I've been making my own build buttons for a TMP Federation race, and have just created placeholders until I finish some design elements. The problem is, some of them show up, and some of them don't. The buttons use one 512x512 texture file. I've correctly changed that in gui_global. I've double checked the ship names in the file against the ship file names in the 'Ships' folder. These are the lines that don't show up:

b_sffrig_oberth[COLOR=DimGray].......[/COLOR]sf_build_buttons[COLOR=DimGray].....[/COLOR]192 0 64 64 b_sfhd_akula[COLOR=DimGray]..........[/COLOR]sf_build_buttons[COLOR=DimGray].....[/COLOR]0 64 64 64 b_sflb_miranda[COLOR=DimGray].......[/COLOR]sf_build_buttons[COLOR=DimGray].....[/COLOR]128 128 64 64 b_sfhb_excelsior[COLOR=DimGray].....[/COLOR]sf_build_buttons[COLOR=DimGray].....[/COLOR]384 128 64 64

All of the buttons are the correct 64 x 64 size, but for an unknown reason these 4 don't show. No white space or anything. Just a blank. Any ideas?