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#1 8 years ago

So I reinstalled and all races played fine in stock. I installed Upgrade Project Vanilla Ult 2.0 and all races played fine. I install Physics Project X Final and all races played fine. I just went through the textures.rgb folder and deleted all the _1 and _2 from relevant files to get rid of the lower res textures and now the Romulans crash when I try to play as them but they work fine if the AI plays them.

Two different installs now that the Roms quit working. I modified no other files. Has anyone ran into this before? I select the map and races and click launch. The screen comes up with the load bar already completed to the end, it doesn't move like it's loading anything and then it crashes to desktop. This is only happening when I try to play as the Roms.

Nevermind. Got it fixed with help from Freyr. Was a glitchin the Rom GUI of Upgrade Project Vanilla Ultimate 2.0