Star Trek Armada graphics problem -1 reply

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5th February 2004

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#51 11 years ago

Have you tried the 178.13s yet? GeForce Release 178


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#52 10 years ago

I decided I wanted to play one of my older games again right? So good thing I am such a computer tech. The Star Trek Armada games where not built with the new AI shaders for the 8800 serries you will need to lower the detail of the ships so that the game can run. The Armada runs just fine using the lowest detail setting under graphics setting make shure its in 16 bit mode as that was the highest video card at that time I believe. shure the ships won't look that impressive, but the problem is with the graphics card trying to update the details of ships and objects as they are moving a compatiblity that is in newer games but not in older ones. the settings are a in game setting so no need to get another vidoe card because the 8800 will run it just fine in the lowest graphics level. Windows Xp @home 8800GT Nividia Geforce Intell Core 2 Step 1 launch Star Trek Armada Step 2 go to options step 3 go to graphics settings step 4 hit the minus button til the blue bar is barely shown anymore. step 5 play the game that should correct the screen flickering problem as it will have less to refresh. Note: your graphic card resolution needs to be set on 16 bit to play the game. This is all in game settings, in the same area that you lowered the graphic detail. reason for the flickering is the 8800GT is doing its job how it is supposed to do the job problem is you install in older game with a 8800GT card and the card tries to run its functions for the newer games, however the problem is not with the card but the time the game was designed the refresh rate for the graphics detail was quite low. So I shure hope that helps you out.


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20th November 2009

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#53 8 years ago

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT and the latest version atm, I believe, and all the ship textures are being ripped off the models. Not only that, the fog of war seems to be trying to superimpose itself onto the visible area. Can someone plz help me? :/