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5th April 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hello & thanks for taking a look at my post, my name is Clint & I am the clan leader for the WolvesDomain Counter-Strike H.Q clan called "The-Wolf-Pack" Our clan is made up of mature "50yrs-13yrs old" & friendly counter-strike gamers. We have been around since september of last year & we are trying to get in the competition level of the game but are in need of more members. Any age or skill level is welcome to apply. We have two 24/7 dedicated c-s servers located in Oklahoma & Texas so visit our web page http://the-wolf-pack.us for more details. Our clan memeber signup page can be found here http://the-wolf-pack.us/vwar/joinus.php If any other clans would like to compete with us stop by and check out our "virtual war challenge" web page @ http://www.the-wolf-pack.us/vwar/challenge.php


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13th June 2005

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#2 14 years ago

Hey Krazywolf , its me -=WD=- Monk3y , {TWP} Monk3y uhh I also go by the names of MuffinPimp...and anything else you amy remember me by just 2 let u know...I dont have the servers Ip anymore , can you please email it to me at my hotmail addey is demco11 , just put @ hotmail after demco11 play with u soon on the server , bye