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#1 14 years ago

It's not the standard out of sync most of you are thinking. Basicly this out of sync happens all the time. No matter if it's internet or LAN and it only happens to me. Basicly the 'out of sync' happens immediatly after everyone is in the game. The odd thing about it is when it went out of sync all the icons were black. So I couldn't see them. Furthermore when I connect to someone who has the exact same "out of sync" problem it works fine except for the huge bug that all the contruction vessels fly north towards the top of the screen. No matter what you do. So...did anyone had this problem? If did you solve it? I got a Athlon XP 2.0Ghz,GeForce 3 64 MB,512MB ddr ram,ADSl connection. I instaled the newest drivers for my graphic card i m running Windows XP SP1,dont have any mods,just a clean 1.1 that turns on the internet to a weird 1,1 .I reinstaled the game 7 times,deleted the folder and also instaled on different partitions, i turn off my firewall when i play online dont have a router. If some1 can help me plz answer.