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18th December 2009

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FA Intro

Hi! I am Mikester92, and I am the Executive Officer of The Starfleet Reserves for the {UFP} and I'm extremely proud to represent the UFP and all it has become over the past 7 years since 2002.

We currently support

Star Trek Online (positions available - Federation and Klingon factions supported) Star Trek: Legacy (part of the Reserves) Star Trek: Starfleet Command III (part of the Reserves) Star Trek: Armada I & II (part of the Reserves) Bridge Commander Voyager: Elite Force (part of the Reserves) RPG-X 2.2 (RP mod for EF1, more info: Elite Force: RPG-X - UberGames Group)

The following are words from our Fleet Admiral: John Hathaway.

Dependable, accessible leadership and strong fleet involvement...

I believe our long term success has stemmed through sensible and reliable leadership from all those with responsibilities, from the highest ranks, down. While we believe in the need for a military hierarchy we also believe it is imperative that the fleet is able to have a strong voice. So we actively encourage wide involvement in a myriad of fleet affairs. This is your fleet as much as it is mine. No one "owns" the UFP.

Casual and hardcore gamers welcome...

We are very much a clan which believes in the idea of "you get out, what you put in". If you're committed and dedicated to the UFP, you'll go far within it. There are numerous members who will attest to that. However if you feel you're a casual player with limited time and perhaps many real life commitments, it's not a problem at all. All we ask is that you sign in at our monthly roll call, beyond that you are free to do as much or as little as you can/like. We understand real life comes first and we will not make any undue demands on our member base. Those with specific duties in the UFP simply need to hand them over temporarily in their absence.

Wide variety of play types, with a friendly and lively atmosphere...

We are a general fleet, in so much as we don't get bogged down by labels such as RP or PvP. We feel it is our duty to provide a wide ranging and flexible base upon which our members can enjoy a varied and fun organization. Our community is well known for its high spirit and willingness to help out, we are all classic Star Trek fans after all. We are constantly challenging our member base to get involved and bring about new ideas, and even lead their own projects under UFP support. So if this sounds like a fleet you want to be involved in, be sure to check us out

Mikester92’s closing...

If you have any questions, wish to discover more about the UFP, or are interested in joining, drop by our website and forums at The United Federation of Planets. Alternatively, post a message here or drop me a PM. Also if you decide to join be sure to mention my name in the “referred.” part of the application.