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Please enjoy this teaser video, created by yours truly. Forgive me if i posted it incorrectly, if nothing else it can be found here. PX Cinimatic Teaser Trailer

Phoenix Xtreme is an aging multi-gaming group...thats right we play MORE than just Bridge Commander. Got a game you want played in PX that we dont have? IT TAKES JUST 3 PEOPLE TO START A NEW DIVISION! It just doesnt get much better than that folks. We have a fabulous new site administrated by our new leaders, Iceman and Orchid, and a very solid moderator group comprised of staff, counsel members, and game division leaders. The site features a full forum complete with a post AI to occupy even the greatest of spammers, arcade games, and our newest feature, 24/7 streaming radio channels of popular music genres.We have done away with the old military ranks of the past, excluding our leadership section, and EVERYONE HAS A VOICE! All users are allowed to voice opinions and new ideas in our Senate. We have a high-bandwidth 24/7 Teamspeak server for all members and their friends to partake of. Even if you arent interested in joining up, feel free to visit our site and partake of its rich features and great community!