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Star Trek Elite is a web site designed to cater to gamers and gaming clans who play Star Trek based games. It contains a set of forums, advertising for your clan, a Clan Registry as well as many other tools to help you grow. The site is optimized to help your clan gain the attention of all the major search engines, the more active your clan is there, the more popular it will be. This will ensure that your clan receives as much attention as possible from the online communities. Star Trek Elite is also designed to bring Star Trek gaming clans together into a single place, to better promote Star Trek gaming in general and prepare for the release of Star Trek Online.

For a start-up promotion, the first ten clans placed on the Clan Registry will receive free advertising on our website for one month. This will go by the date and time you registered your clan, and not the time of approval. After that, the top three ranked clans every month will also receive free advertising until the following month. Clans will not be ranked by clicks, but will be ranked by activity instead. Clans both small and large can benefit from this program. More details are available in the Registry Rules & Regulations also available on the web site.

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself. Visit our web site at Star Trek Elite for more information.