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#1 9 years ago

We are a fleet for the new and upcoming title Star Trek Online. Our fleet consists of Cardasians only. Calling all Cardassians to join and rebuild the Cardassian Union and return our people to the prominence we once shared. We will have a fleet page (not up yet), will be using GSC, and reclaiming the Quadrant. All Cardassians will be accepted and placed within the fleet. Our Vessel designators are CDS Our Vessel Registration is CUW-# # # # Unlike the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans....Our military focuses on a balance between science and combat. It doesn't matter what profession you are, the Cardassian people need you. We are forming a command structure similar to the American Heavy Cavalry Regiments. The reason is so each Squadron is capable of supporting itself in the short term while the Regiment works on the long term support equally amongst the Squadrons. Logistics/Resourcing Commands also includes manning to ensure that each Squadron is filled appropriately according to needs. So, join now and let us rebuild our race together. Home : Jevonite Order - Guild Launch Guild Hosting