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25th August 2004

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To all star trek gamers, The idea of the United Empires came up a few months ago. I wanted to start a Starfleet Command 3 clan, I never thought it would be possible to start a clan by myself. However when I met a few people who were willing to assist me in this I started working on a website for this clan. On Friday 19 November I launched the website and on 21 November we had our first members. 1 Week later we launched the forum. The United Empires is around for more than 3 weeks now and we only have 11 members. This clan cannot function with only 11 members. Other clans are looking down on us; some even treat us without much respect. I have added a few star trek games to our clan; Elite Force 1-2, Armada 1-2, bridge commander and Starfleet Command 1-2. To hold this all together I am forced to change the structure of the UE. Every game will have its own rules but the same rank system. Every game will have 2 Council Members, the UE members in that game will follow the orders of their Council Member. If everything works out we will have 8 Council Members and they will follow the orders of the Council Leader (me). If you are a member and you want to make changes to the clan, you can present you ideas in one of our fleet meetings (on msn). If you want to join the UE, send an e-mail to [email=""][/email] (with the member name you want to use, race and your e-mail) and you can check out our site; . The clan has 8 star trek games; 8 divisions. Armada 1-2, eliteforce 1-2, starfleet command 1-2-3 and bridge commander. At this moment I only have 11 sfc3 members. Every division will have its own website rules and strategies. Every division site will have its own memberlist. However we will be 1 clan and have 1 name, the United Empires, 1 forum and 1 rank system to keep this clan together. The United Empires has 1 Council Leader (me). If the CL does not approve of changes in the division (rules for example), he can stop those changes, unless more than half of the other council members vote in favour of the changes. The UE will have 1 main website (this site is also the site of the sfc3 division), on this site you will find the memeberlist with the members of all divisions, all the rules and the rank system. Every month all divisions will send me a report with all new recruits (including their e-mail if they have one) and changes in the rules if any. All of this makes it easier for small clans to join the UE, so hopefully some will... If you have any questions you can post them here or send them to me, United Empires Council Leader, Admiral Robin