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The United Federation of Planets [UFP] The United Federation of Planets is a Star Trek only gaming fleet consisting of many officers from all over the world that come together, and in the old time tradition of Star Trek's UFP, stand united. We are more then a gaming fleet and you'll see that after progressing through Starfleet Academy, you'll see that in essence, we are a family, a unified nation. We're all in this together, and no matter what it is, we are always there with you, and that's something very special about [UFP]. New Journeys Once you visit the United Federation of Planets, take a look at our constitution and Code of Conduct, then report to the oath forums and make your oath to the [UFP]. This, is where your journey begins. Once accepted, you will find yourself in the Academy where you will have to go through a training course in logistics, and in-game flights. Once you've completed the course, it's time to join the family. If you are a Legacy/ST-O player, you'll become part of Second Fleet while if you are a pre-legacy player, you'll find yourself in the Third fleet family. If you are the elite of the elite, and no, that's not just games, but you must also be a fine officer, even if you're an ensign, maybe it's time to join the elite family in First Fleet. After getting your feat and ship settled in, download Teamspeak and join officers on our Teamspeak server where officers are always chatting away. Get your name known, don't be someone that tries to "fit-in," stand above the rest. Here at [UFP], we are more then a gaming fleet, we are a community, a family. Games we Support & Fleet

  • Star Trek: Legacy (PC/Xbox360) & Star Trek: Online - 2nd Fleet
  • Pre-Star Trek: Legacy Games (including BC & EF) - 1st & 3rd Fleet

We support just about every Star Trek game that you can think of including Bridge Commander, Starfleet Command 3, Armada I & II, Elite Force I & II, and more!

Our Family The United Federation of Planets is diverse and made up of people from around the globe that love Star Trek and their games. You don't even have to be active in games, you can help out in places like Starfleet Engineering. This diverse group of people are unique because they can come together as a family, they stand together as one, and through the ups and the downs, we do not give up. We come together with a courage far beyond anything I could have ever expected. We have 64 officers (Does NOT include cadets) and many more joining every day as they progress through the academy. Important Links United Federation of Planets Forums - From there you'll find links to many parts of the site including the main site which isn't up to date at the moment. Are you up for a Challenge? Upon every horizon, there's something new to be explored, and I can't think of anyone else, or anywhere else I would rather be, then here. So I challenge you all, yes, you all, to join [UFP], make it through the Academy, and progress through the ranks as officers that stand out from the rest. My Story I joined the [UFP] in 2006 after months of debating what fleet I would want to become part of. In 2007 (I was inactive for a few months), I completed the Academy and became an Ensign. From there, I went on and pursued opportunities as they presented themselves, and rose to the rank of Lieutenant before I retired. However, that retirement would be cut short as I came out of retirement and joined back in the ranks of the United Federation of Planets. I moved from third fleet to first fleet as the time seemed right to take my rightful spot among the elite of the elite. Now, in present day, I am an officer shooting for the stars and will one day, make my way to Admiral. Final Notes I hope this post has inspired you to join the [UFP]. I even took the time to tell you part of my story (the shortened version) and I know from experience, these guys and girls are the greatest in what they do. We are more then a fleet, we are a family, and that's something very special and not only I, but all of us, welcome you to join.


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Feel free to come by and check us out ^_^