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#1 12 years ago

A better managed and completely reorganised Tal Shiar clan is making one final attempt to stablish itself in the Bridge Commander universe. If you wish to be a part of this exciting venture, please visit our newest website at: http://s6.invisionfree.com/Tal_Shiar_Clan_BC The clan has new leadership, and a new ranking system. At the top is our Warlord, formerly TS_Vengeance_FL, now he is TS_Haze_WL. Next is myself, TS_Churchill_BH, the "Befehlshaber" (german for one who has the orders), essentially the second-in-command and secretary. The Admiralty are the "Council of Khans", though at present there is only one slot open...only one fleet to have. The recruit who gets this slot will become Khan (commander) of the First Fleet. In the First Fleet are needed 5 "Centurions", or captains, to fill the fleet so that we can begin recruiting for the Second Fleet. Slots to be filled: 1 Khan 5 Centurions Cheers! :beer: TS_Churchill_BH