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If you're looking for an amazing clan for Bridge Commander, one that promotes unity, skill, and improving yourself and others, join the {UFP}!

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

About the United Federation of Planets {UFP}

Founded in May 2002 the {UFP} currently contains approximately 150 active members from around the world. The {UFP} is dedicated to peaceful co-existence with its neighbours in both the Star Trek and wider gaming community.

By default any clan or organisation we encounter is deemed as neutral. This means that although we are aware of the clan or organisation in question and may have engaged in contact or other activities with them we have no official ties to them and there are no treaties in place between us.

The {UFP} enforces a Code of Conduct (CoC) which all {UFP} members are required to follow, this is to ensure that every member gets the best possible experience from their {UFP} membership.

At present there are two different career paths open to {UFP} members. Those wishing to play current Star Trek games start off as a Cadet and go through training at the Starfleet Academy, after completing their Academy courses succesfully they will be promoted to an officer. Those wishing to join for the upcoming Star Trek MMO (Star Trek Online) will start their career off as an Enlisted Crewman and will not be required to go through the Academy.

{UFP} members have the option of playing any of the supported games, regardless of their career path. They may also join any of the {UFP}'s seven gaming divisions. These divisions are: The Starfleet Falcons (Bridge Commander), The Starfleet Ravens (Elite Force), The Starfleet Raptors (Armada), The Starfleet Vultures (Starfleet Command), The Starfleet Harriers (RPG-X Elite Force mod), The Elite Strike Force*, and The Star Trek Online Division.

*The Elite Strike Force (ESF) currently requires additional training and testing to join.

Members may also request to join any of the {UFP} Departments (Starfleet Academy, Embassy, Internal Affairs, Engineering Corps and Herald Newspaper).

If you would like to learn more about the {UFP} then please feel free to ask any of our members directly or to pay a visit to our website http://www.ufplanets.com

Join the {UFP} today!