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#11 13 years ago

the ship should appear in MP menus no matter the species, if it is a valid one. I use KM 0.9.1 and I have the same ships in both MP and QB. I'm almost sure you have to make a plugin for it. check scripts\custom\ships and modify one of them to suit your ship. there are a few editable lines in those plugins: abbrev = 'BorgDiamond' iconName = 'BorgDiamond' longName = 'BorgDiamond' shipFile = 'BorgDiamond' menuGroup = 'Borg Ships' <----------| playerMenuGroup = 'Borg Ships' <-----where you want the ship to be in. species = App.SPECIES_GALAXY <--see? the species is not important Foundation.ShipDef.BorgDiamond = Foundation.ShipDef(abbrev, species, { 'name': longName, 'iconName': iconName, 'shipFile': shipFile }) I suggest you use "search and replace" in notepad or another text editor to replace the ship (in this case "BorgDiamond") for your ship name and replace the menuGroup and playerMenuGroup manually. I repeat: I'm almost sure this works, I don't play MP too much, but when I did it worked. see BCU for more information:


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#12 13 years ago

I must confess I'm at a loss. After checking out BCU, and reading some of the post there I'm getting the impression that the is the only way to add ships to multiplayer. However, I want to explore the possibility that its not the only way to its fullest extent. I have learned a few need things while i was messing around though, (one of which is you have to be careful what you change or the whole thing comes crashing down on you). As far as I've seen, (through experimentation), the scripts/custom/ship files only afect QB, (now I could be wrong but that was the only thing my modifications afected). abbrev = 'Intrepid' <-Short name iconName = 'Intrepid' <-Name of icon .tga file longName = 'Intrepid' <-Long name shipFile = 'Intrepid' <-Name of the file in Scripts\Ships\ menuGroup = 'Fed Ships' <-menu the ship shows up in in the qb setup "ships" menu playerMenuGroup = 'Fed Ships' <-meun the ship shows up in in the qb setup "player and region" menu species = App.SPECIES_GALAXY Now if you say it works it probably does, but maybe theres a step I'm missing. Would it be possible for you to post a step by step procedure on what files to modify? Just by picking a ship that did not come with the KM pack and integrating it into multiplayer? Again thank you for the help thus far, the further I meddle with these files the more respect I have for those that create them on a regular basses. John41

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#13 13 years ago

If you really want help go to the KM forums....

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