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9th July 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Any experienced Bridge Commander Music people out there? Ive been trying for ages to customise my BC music the way I want it. Ive searched my massive Star Trek music collection and compared it with the original soundtrack to replace the originals with similar music from the movies and series soundtracks. I have come across some problems that I have been able to solve, and some that I havent. Im hoping that someone can help me out. I originally found that any music file in the /sfx/music folder must be an MP3 to be recognised in game (someone confirm that please). Then I discovered that some of the tracks I replaced werent playing in game because they were protected by license, since I got them from my Nemesis soundtrack, which I managed to remove eventually. At least I think that is why they wouldn't work. But now Im getting some annoying problems which I have absolutely no idea as to what is going wrong. 1 My 'Episode 2' track works, but when I enter Quick Battle, the track doesnt change to the new track, even after trying many different tracks other than the one I originally wanted. The music just keeps playing on the'Episode 2' track. 2 When I tried to see what happened when I started a new game, the Episode 1 music started when the first Episode loaded, which obviously should happen, although it confused me, since the 'EpisGen2' music didnt load for Quick Battle. 3 When I begin a battle in Quick Battle, the Episode 2 track still continues to play, even when there are enemies in the battle, at which time the 'Confident' tracks should kick in. 4 When I self-destruct, the Episode 2 music continues still, even though I should be hearing the Transition 14 track. So far this is all I have tried in terms of testing whether the music changes in Other Episodes, or in battle during single player, but all the same I cant understand why the problems are occurring. If anyone can help, please do.


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26th October 2002

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#2 14 years ago

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31st December 2003

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#3 14 years ago

I think you should follow the following steps: - mp3 (doh) - same names (EXACTLY THER SAME!!!!) - sound quality, open original ones in winamp or something and yours, the bitrate or something might not be the same

easy things but i dunno what else can be problem...


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19th January 2004

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#4 14 years ago

I've never heard of this problem before, but as stated above try the following: 1/ Make sure that the music filenames are exactly the same as the originals, e.g EpisGen2 isnt accidently called "EpisGen 2" or something similar. Sounds to simple to make this mistake, but not impossible. 2/ Make sure all files are in MP3 format. Simple yet again. 3/As stated above. Music files play at different birates, when you extracted the songs from the Nemesis CD you probably chose the quality and format. The new tracks must keep the same KHz and kbps as the original tracks. From what i can tell, the main formats of the orignals are 128Kbps & 44KHz However some others work also. When you extract your song make sure that these settings are on. Its usually refered to as 44000KHz and im not sure what the Kbps is. Give it a go, if all fails post again and tell me what you did. P.S: In order to check what the Kbps and KHz are, use an MP3 player such as Winamp, it shows you this info next to the timer. www.winamp.com Its free Hope it works for you Dragon