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#1 15 years ago

Well i thought id post an update on here as well... but i couldnt really put it any better than Jimmy.... SO heres his review from BCU

"JimmyB76 from BCU's Bridge Modding Forum"This weekend I received an alpha of Bridge Plugin from Mark to do a bit of previewing for you guys.. so here goes.

Initial Thoughts

The pack arrived in an executable package “BridgePluginv0.2a.exe” which was nice and compact, when I loaded it up I got up some nice blue toned graphics that add a really professional touch to it all (you can imagine I was pretty excited by this point). As far as installation it was as easy as installing any normal application. In fact its so hard to go wrong that if you haven’t got one of the requirements the installer will cancel installation and tell you its missing some required files.


Ok so I get the thing installed and boot it up…

Galaxy Improvements


Loading up the galaxy bridge and the first thing that hits you is that marks galaxy retexture has finally come to life, to me its always seemed like it was missing something and now the final pieces of the puzzle have come into place.

At green alert its hard to tell exactly what’s become animated.. But as you look around more and more things hit you. For a start of the helm and Ops are now not tiled as they were before, they’re also animated. Also the running lights now move as they should. As you look round you can just about notice that the rear wall LCARs are all different as they should be.. And they’re animated too!

The when you go into red alert everything lights up just like it should! The side walls come to life with flashing red panels, and at the front near the running lights there are even red alert lights there!

There are still one or two things that are being worked on though, the vertical status panels near each of the doors is still needing animation along with the alert lights above the rear stations.

However even with these missing the galaxy bridge as a whole, retextured and animated, is awesome, when the finishing touches are complete it should be just amazing to see.

Sovereign Improvements


Well what can is say? Its out-friggin standing! The view screen is so well done, it’s a wonder it wasn’t made like that in the first place… initially I thought the new look in the front would significantly reduce the size of the view screen itself, but it really doesn’t!

I can’t sum up what an awesome job this is! The rails around the XO and Guest stations are great – I totally dig them!! Also the vertical pillars at the front of the bridge have finally been fixed up (all four of them)… that always did annoy me!

All the work that’s been done truly shows up the stock bridge as the sloppy piece of work it seems to be. The new textures for the bridge also bring out some great detail.. I never noticed that step near Miguel’s right and Brex’s left before.

There’s lots of work still to be done though, the LCARs are not animated and in some places are incomplete, and there are some character scripts that I think are going to be touched up before any release (so the camera zooms straight ahead at the view screen instead of down and to the left when you click on Felix for instance)

Miranda Bridge


Well, all I can say is holy f'n damn!! I'm very excited about this, its truly impressive! I didn’t think I would be that bothered about the bridge initially but clearly a lot of work has gone/is going into it. Its amazing!

Almost every fine detail has been redone from scratch since its original Enterprise A background and the effect is just beautiful. My favourite bit is the new view screen which just has such a different look to it, the running lights look especially cool.

As for the new TSD, while it doesn’t work atm its still a real piece of work, due to the way its constructed it just looks so sharp and life like, when it does get animated it will be a great thing to watch.

The only real downer on this bridge at the moment is that the LCARs are still in the process of being animated which means I had to play with really high resolution textures which damn near killed off my PC :P. I’m looking forward to seeing this all finished!

TOS Bridges


I never was a big fan of the TOS bridges, but these bridges are so well done that its great fun to be on them. The Constitution bridge is pretty much perfect as can be although the view screen feels miles away id say its right on par. I’d even go as far as saying its pretty much an exact replica from the show.

In terms of the TAS and TOS Pilot bridges, well I’ve never seen the animated series myself (though I have seen pictures), but I would have to say the TAS bridge is just as good as the normal TOS bridge – nice to see the extra door where it should be, and I especially like the dome of the bridge which lets you look up into space (although the age old reflections problem still remains (empty seats)).

The Cage version of the bridge has an overall grey scheme to it, with dim lighting which I like. I also like the “lamps” on the tactical and helm. One downside is the viewscreen is quite tiny although that is intentional.

All three bridges are awesome; much much better than I thought they were going to be, I didn’t think I would dig them at all but I was proven wrong.


Well, one thing I can say for certain is you guys have really outdone yourselves here!

The whole project is a lot further along then I thought it would be (for a 0.2 alpha anyway!).

All the work that is done is done so well that I cant even begin to describe... at long last the stale air that surrounded the whole bridge modding realm has seemingly been lifted and blown out. Hopefully bridge plug-in will be the first mod in a new lease of life for BC Bridge Modding. I am quite excited about what you guys will be doing next! :bow

Final thoughts: Bridge Plugin is going to be the biggest thing since NanoFX2b.


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#2 15 years ago

I've even got conformation that the tos bridges will have the proper background sounds etc which will create the real atmosphere of the bridge.

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#3 15 years ago

well... in time they will...