Concept for a rediesgned Doomsday Mechine -1 reply

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Rue McDohl

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3rd November 2005

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#1 15 years ago

I was in class this morning simply drawing the Saladin Class vessel due to boredem and I decideded to draw the Planet Killer from the classic TOS episode. That got me thinking, the Planet Killer looked like it had taken one hell of a beating over it's time traveling the Universe so I decided to draw what I though an undamaged intact Planet Killer might look like so I opened up paint and gave my drawing a whirl.

I assumed at one point the people who made these weapons might have had some sort of area to manualy control the weapons and concluded these areas might not have survived on the older Planet Eater, I also added cutting beam emitters for more effectivly chopping planets up along with warp necel like decvices and a impulse drive at the back. I of course kept the shape as close as I could.

Anyway heres the concept, go easy on me i'm not the best artist out there although some comments would be nice. If any ever wants to make this for BC go ahead just credit me or what ever although I do plan to learn how to make ships in BC on my own some time or another and you can bet this will be one you see first.