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6th March 2006

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#1 11 years ago

So, I originally started out only with the one version(nacelles underneath pylons), then I decided to do a second(nacelles on side of pylons) and now i've got a third(nacelles on top of pylons). All the images are below and the completed model pics start in the middle of the second page so make your way up and then start from the bottom of page 1 all the way to the top. The last ten pics are closeups on the smaller details that are hard to make out of the other pics. If anyone wants to take a stab at texturing them please let me know and I will send them to you in either 3ds/obj/nif format...whichever you want. Otherwise I will send the models into filefront as is next week and see if hopefully someone will finish them. Texturing wont take as long as you might think since the only difference as you can see above is the position of the nacelles. So once the first ship is textured just copy and paste over to the other two which will greatly reduce the number of texture files and save on file size. Though texture wise these ships arn't going to be completely TOS style(late TOS). Once someone does pick these models up just let me know before you start doing textures on them as I have some ideas on some parts and I will post some pics with what I have in mind. Though with the size of the texture files themselves, thats all up to whoever is doing them(will give my opinion if asked though ofcourse). Also if the person that is doing the textures also takes up doing the scripts and everything else to get it ingame, let me know before you get to that as i've got it somewhat planned out as far as thats concerned as well(mostly with weapons though). I would really appreciate it, thanks.