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14th November 2004

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#1 11 years ago

Alight heres the deal i have two questions errr Requests. Number one. I have photoshop and i wanna do a Custom Skin back for the Peragrant class fighter I am a HUGE sonic Fan....Yes i'm 20 and i still have a huge sonic obession. Well anyways i was wondering if any one Can explain to me i wanna Put Some SONIC Ungerground logo i have the Texture And Second Request i wanna give my Defiant class a new paint job perhaps on the Deflector array on either side i want to Place sharp looking teeth like they had on the old WWII fighters. some eyes wouldnt hurt. Put near one of the warp engines on the top Place Some X'ed out Bug ships for kills. And make it more intmidateing i dont know if this would over due it but replace the gray hull with a Camo color...if any one wants to bounce off ideas just ask. And yes for the umteethin time my spelling is bad.