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17th June 2002

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#31 17 years ago

lol, no. In fact, I think reality television is better :p



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20th July 2003

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#32 17 years ago
Mr. MattActually, I haven't seen much of the latest series, and don't need to. Every time I flick over just to give it the benefit of the doubt, a shot is fired. I'm not exaggerating; each time I flick over, there's a battle going on. That's so un-Trek I can't express it. Although the fact there're killing all these folks in a new, previously unexplored sector of space is a slight redemption I guess.

Mhhh... Are you sure you talk about Enterprise, sounds like Voyager for me... :rolleyes:



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25th May 2003

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#33 17 years ago
Cpt_RomanskiMhhh... Are you sure you talk about Enterprise, sounds like Voyager for me... :rolleyes:

thats DS9 not voy!

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11th November 2003

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#34 17 years ago

ya i hate to do this but im erasing this forum from my memory... so dont expect any updates... im getting bad karma and anomys spam emails over this BS... even after i apologized so i will not be posting any updates... just look at the last poll option... i didnt put it there..... but as i said in my last post i am sorry for being a little headstrong when i made this thread.... and to the rude select few who sent me nasty e mails and bad karma, you are ignorant for that beacuse in case u cant read i posted a damn apology... anywho for u others who were polite and gave me a chance i would just ask that you bear with enterprise beacuse if it fails star trek is gone, and gene roddenberry would not want a PORNO> (enterprise)

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7th March 2003

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#35 17 years ago
SeveredTeenKEEP TREK ALIVE!!!!!!!

Always! *does Vulcan greeting*

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17th November 2003

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#36 17 years ago

May ST "live long and prosper"

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15th December 2002

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#37 17 years ago

First, Matt_el_g's post, as always, has pretty much OWn3D the thread for me, everything he said is spot on. Especialy the fact that half of the cast of Enterprise can't act, love too much action and like to play at being porn stars. The entire rubbing oil scene that Mr. Matt mentioned was a disgrace to wach, totaly unessasary and put there for the fact it'll attract perverts = more raitings = cash. Shame it backfired, Enterprise has the worst ratings of all the series, maybe excluding TOS (wich is a fine series)

As for Cpt_Romanski and "Voyager crushed Trek"..... i got one thing to say. BS. Let me elaborate.

A conflict between the Maquis and the Feds would have been nice.

OMG that would have been the WORST thing that could have happened. Not only would it have been pure action (i can tell your an Enterprise fan :rolleyes: ) it would have left NO room for any good exploration and intresting story lines. Alot of Voyager episodes go with Little to NO action, and have some of the strongest story lines and intresting ideas. Action is always the same thing, some race have a motive usualy involving personal hatrid or profit, and you fire phasers untill the oposition falls. If i wanted to see that, i'd play Unreal Torunament :rolleyes: The fact that the Starfleet and Marque get along (as is expected in there situation) gives us all a warmth and idea that two oposites CAN get along, CAN live peacefully and CAN make the world (or the Starship Voyager in this case) a better place. That is what Star Trek is about. Not (and i quote from Sky Text) "Star Trek Goes Softcore Porn!" or repetative episodes usualy featuring a spectactularly cheap to create phaser fight and alot of actors totaly stepping all over there lines. I can sware that theres a leg of lamb swinging in the back of every shot on Enterprise. Sheesh.

Mhhh... Are you sure you talk about Enterprise, sounds like Voyager for me...

I think a simple referal to your last quote kinda voids that statement. And enteprise is Phaser city IMO.

Another thing, THE FANS ARE LAZY???? Enterprise had ONE advantage, letting us see all the races and experiences of the PAST of earth? and what do we get? Borg? Ferengi? Hell, i think even a holodeck and a force feild have been used. LAZY writing on the behalf of the writing team there, especialy since if there were force feilds that early, they would have developed WAY in time for Kirk's era. What were those bars on the enterprise brig about then in Star Trek II? Funny they didnt use Force Feilds when Archer had one 200 years preveous. I might go out and clean my car with some twigs and leaves tomrorow :rolleyes:

And as for this temporal stuff. A cheap excuse to TRY and put off fans who they KNEW FULL WELL would be upset from creating the kind of rebelion seen in so meny Star Trek disscussions and communites. I am not buying it for one seccond, and once a timeline is messed up, were does this "Reset" button come from? Totaly dumb and not thaught out IMO.

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8th May 2004

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#38 17 years ago

I really MUST agree with SeveredTeen. He has, almost, read my mind and typed it here.

I really think that the timeline will return to normal and I think the best plot would be the destruction of the spheres by the use of the Xindi weapon in a collaboration between Starfleet and Xindi. Then, with no advantures in the expanse, Archer would make peaceful contact and yes I definetely agree with Cpt. Romanski. He, too has expressed my thoughts. There are, for certain, mistakes done by Berman and Bragga but not, too deep. Now, building on top of the established Star Trek era would be a wiser choice than rebuilding the pre-Federation period. But, they decided to go with that idea and no one could do anything about Archer not being talked about anywhere in TNG, DS9 and VOY. So just be it. It is perfect entertainment and I love it. Actually, it is my personal idea that if I get rich in the future, I'll donate to Paramount in order to continue this saga.


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#39 16 years ago

I don't want to be viewed as an idiot or some star trek basher. Or called a moron. The fact is simple we don't own the rights to Star Trek so just grow up and stop whining about something thats just a show. Frankly I like it because its Sci Fi, not because I try to point out all the minute little details. The fact that all of you are whining about something so trivial as it destroying the star trek timeline. Again its not your show, so until you obtain copyright laws, then you can bitch about it!

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17th June 2002

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#40 16 years ago

Um... right. So, nobody's allowed to criticise anything unless they own the copyright? Excellent. I'll have to note that one down somewhere, it's gold, pure gold.

Also note the date at the top of posts to figure out if a discussion is still actually going on; this coversation, for example, ended over half a year ago.