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#1 11 years ago

if anyone wants to assist in the making of this mod i am in need of someone who knows how to make a working system pack for bridge commander. i will provide all the system details and planet names to whoever wants to take up this part of the mod. currently heres my list of stuff that will be completed: fixes: - fix the static effect of the active supergate (and possibly all the gates dave will release) - fix the mvan scripting so that when the stargates shuts down the event horizon doesnt just disappear - fix the mvam scripting so that when the stargates dial in/out there is a series of of blinkers to simulate the "Kawoosh" effect - fix the fact that once you launch shps from the supergate they cant retun - fix the milkyway gat so it launches both puddle jumpers, needle threaders and ori fighters new features: - ability to dial the milyway gate from the puddle jumper - ability to dial the pegasis gate from the puddle jumper and wraith dart New Ships: Atlantis - this will not be an extremely high detail model due to thae fact that dave had one planned but scrapped it from his pack due to the fact that his game crashed the minute it took damage, however as dave had said there will be three versions available I.S.S. - a model of the international space station that is in orbit around earth ([COLOR=red]Complete[/COLOR][COLOR=black])[/COLOR] DC404 - this is a ship that i saw made for Armada 2 that i currently am unable to release any info about due to the fact that i am awaiting permission from ColdDarkParanoia to use his model in my mod pack ([COLOR=red]Complete with mvam[/COLOR][COLOR=black])[/COLOR] Ori fighter - same as daves Ori fighter except now there are two versions, the one dave released and one that has a ring platform on the bottom of it. Systems: Pegasus Galaxy - a multi-system galaxy that will include several plant systems from atlantis and possibly the black hole from the SG-1 episode "The Pegasus Project" Milkyway Galaxy - a multi-system galaxy that will include a new Earth (one that will be more accurate to Sg-1 rather than Star Trek) there will be a few stationary objects in this galaxy that cant be changed such as the International Space Station Midway system - just as the name implies a single system tha will be midway between the Milkyway Galaxy and the Pegasus Galaxy, this system will have Dave's Midway Station permenently fixd here Ida Galaxy - this will be a galaxy of three systems: Halla, Orilla, and Othalla (Aka the asgard home worlds) Ori Galaxy - this galaxy will also consost of three systems: Celestis (the ori homeworld), Ver Eger, and Ver Isca Special Planets: Lantea - ([COLOR=red]Complete[/COLOR]) Dakara - this planet will have a special version of uss soverigns Phalantion wave this thread is for sudgestions and ideas only release info can be found here STBC Alpha Mod Group my mod pack is an add on for Dave's Stargate Pack V3 it will include special QBR missions which will require his ship pack. however due to daves strong desire to be himself he is no longer allowing me to use his ships so the gates in my package will be of a much higher level level seeing as i have very skilled moddelers creating them from thousands of screenshots from th show. this means that they will not be like Daves models and they will be of a much higher res than daves are. therefore all ships included in my ship pack will be my own models and any models that arent mine such as the unedited los res version of atlantis and the DSC404 from Armada 2 and the Phalantion wave i will have permission to use. i am currently in the process of contacting Sneaker98 in order to as if he can help with the script im working on for the puddlejumpers, wraith darts, gou'ald needle threader, and ori warship that will allow you to dial the stargates from these ships.


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#2 11 years ago

due to the fact that the last thread was locked by danny because everyone felt theat they had to argue with me about everything and anything i plan on working on as well as blaming me for getting DAnny's thread locked, therefore fair warning anyone argueing with me, posting rude comments to or about me, or blaming me for getting Danny's thread locked will be reported furthermore this is my mod package not daves anyone wishing to contact dave or ask him questions can PM him.

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#3 11 years ago

Creating a new thread because the old one was locked is cause enough to get the new one locked as well.