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#1 8 years ago

im trying to create a torpedo using foundation technologies that will split into multiple torpedoes once fired, however, i cant seem to get it to work based on the instructions in the foundation tech pack, and i cant find a single example of this ever being used in any mod here is what it says in the help file:

With splitting torpedoes it’s important that you have 2 projectiles. 1 is the “shell” and the other the “warhead”. The shell is what gets fired from the ship. The warhead is what comes out of the shell. So it’s important that the warhead and the shell aren’t the same, or you would get infinite (well until BC can’t handle it anymore) torpedoes on the screen. This is something you don’t want to be happening. It is of course all right to have multiple stage cluster projectiles, just try and prevent a loop of any sort with these. And here is the example for a Single Target Splitting Projectile: sYieldName = ‘’ try: import FoundationTech import ftb.Tech.TimedTorpedoes oFire = ftb.Tech.TimedTorpedoes.MIRVSingleTargetTorpedo( ‘Name for tech’, { ‘spreadNumber’: 3, ‘spreadDensity’: 6.5, ‘warheadModule’: ‘PathToModule’, ‘shellLive’: 0, }) FoundationTech.dOnFires[__name__] = oFire oYield = FoundationTech.oTechs[sYieldName] FoundationTech.dYields[__name__] = oYield except: pass And here is a quick rundown. Name for Tech is the name you give to this configuration. spreadNumber is the amount of warheads the projectile will fire. spreadDensity is the distance between 2 warheads when they spread out from the shell (after which they will converge on their target). It’s defined in degree. warheadModule is the path to the new projectile that is to be spawned (same structure of path as with the projectiles with the torpedoes in the Hardpoint of a ship). Multiple Target Splitting Projectiles are done the same way. With 1 difference, ‘MIRVSingleTargetTorpedo’ will be: ‘MIRVMultiTargetTorpedo’.


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#2 8 years ago

I think the Horizon weapons platform from one of the Stargate mods uses this technology.

Edit: The new version of now also supports adding Ftech to projectiles.