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#1 14 years ago

How Do I make a New ship to add the the game and what do I need to do that and to have new Weapons to add to it as well ?


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#2 14 years ago

I'd like to know this tooo..

From what I can tell you need a 3D program like Milkshake or 3D Studio Max to create your model....

you'll need to understand how to create your wepons...(note pad and examinely the specs of other ships

And how to load it up in the game....Brigde Commander Mod Packager...

But most people don't respond to these I can say is Search all over Bc-files ...look for SDK stuff look for TGA TGL programs which will help you to create weapons and how they look

Lean about your Alpha you to create lighting on your ship...and ofcourse some sort of Photo shop to create the skin of your ship...

but first you need a 3D program and a cool design.

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#3 14 years ago

Yeah you need a copy of 3d studio max or milkshape 3D to build the model. These are complicated programs mind and take some learning. Milkshape is a little basic drawing wise and TBH I only use it as a way of converting from 3dsmax to NIF for BC. I use AutoCAD 2006 to make the model then 3d studio max to tidy it up and finally milkshape to convert it. I do it this way as I know AutoCAD like the back of my hand. Once I learn 3ds max better I'll probably use that instead!! tga's are your textures which you use to skin the ship. You will need a good graphics program such as photoshop or Paint shop pro to do that. The Alpha channel on these targa files control your glows for warp engines, windows etc!! Hardpointing can be done using the MPE program for BC or you can do them manually using notepad but its a nightmare unless you know the positions of your weapons. A lot of patience!!!!


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#4 14 years ago