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#1 11 years ago

Hi there, its been a long time since I posted and played STBC but I dusted my cd of and it´s better than ever. With the mods available (especially KOB Mod so great for MP). I wanna thank all modder out there for their effort and time invested in this game.

So to my issue, there have been a couple of posts regarding, that in MP battles the damage textures are not shown! That has bugging me all the time, I know a lot of people say it would make the game more laggy. I don´t think that, with the PCs nowadays and most people have dsl or like me play over lan, this is a lousy explenation! Anyone remeber the game Klingon Academy? I think it was released in 2000, the engine and the graphics where simpler (not that they where bad!), and guess what it had detailed damage textures and moddeling even in MP! How about that, a game that is older can do it and BC not, common:Puzzled:!!! So here is a question for some guys out there who understand (more than I do!) the engine and scripts! Is there any way to implement damage textures into MP. Has anyone tried or made it even work? Any comment or suggestion is very welcome, feel free to post.

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#2 11 years ago

Couldn't tell you. Try post this at BCC, you might get a better response.