Idea for true phased/shield pernteating torpedo -1 reply

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29th August 2006

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#1 12 years ago

I been working with this idea for a while and been able to get it to kind of work. The idea is that when the torpedo hits the shield another torpedo is created just inside the shield (I found out the shield dosen't affect a wepaon if is is fires from the inside after flying through the shile of a station while blowing up friendly stations for fun after I got pass the shield my weapons started hiting the hull all through the shield was near full strength.) so you modify the torpedo event scripts so that when the torpedo hit a target is runs a module to phase it throught the shield by creating a new torpedo with the same propetys (Model, Speed, color) and set the damage to do to the hull, disable tracking so it just fly on a striagt line from where it hit the shield in to the hull, but using code simliar to the of the corimte reflecter in ATP I was able to get the new torpedo to be created but can't get it to follow the correct course sometime is passes through the shields other times it bounes off other it comes back at me all these are then either 1 or several new torpedos (one time I destoryed my self after it caused a contiunes stream back into me.) I also set it up so no a hull impact the new torpedo was just outside the hull os it didn't go striangt through I again had the same problems as with the shields. Im hoping some of you would like to help me get this to work so if any of you would like to help please send me you email so I can send you what I've worked out so far. P.S. so far I havent been able to workout the partten to what the torpedos do. Please excuse my spelling.