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25th March 2005

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#121 13 years ago

Intrepid class USS Revelant anyone seen the episode of the warship voyager? All those weapons on it! Endgame armor Borgarmor beneath it 31th century shielding of the federation secondary shielding, borg adaptive Transwarp drive 30 torpedo cannons photon phaser canons (the doctors dream) new pulse phaser rotating canons (few of them, lets say 50?) Supermodern inside 5 holodecks top of the top technology extreem beautiful women (as crew, but bridge officers etc) super spartan weaponsofficer and boarding crew. thats it!


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25th October 2006

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#122 13 years ago

an Excelsior Class Refit. Modified like the U.S.S. Lakota. Named the U.S.S. Firehawk

OR a Prometheus Class with a Different bridge module more like a sovereign but with a bit of a difference (I dont want the damn tactical console in the middle of the hand rail....) in the layout. and an EMH Mark 2 but instead of Andy Dick i want Dave Chapelle. if i need a doctor with a sense of humor he might as well be funny right?


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27th October 2003

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#123 13 years ago

I'd start with an Ambassador Class ship.

engines: 3 high-yield warp reactors with surge routing to uncharged batteries. protecting the reactors from breaches. 2 are for engine use, the third for combat system use. Travel systems include standard warp drive , and a galactic warp fold system [similar to the fold drive on Event Horizon]

weapons: route the standard phaser arrays through the shields positronic flywheel increasing damage by 15 fold. Torpedoes would be fired from a torp tube that doesn't have a magazine storage. Instead, the launch tubes would have a transporter intergrated in them providing unlimited torpedoes as long as there is something to use as replicator matter.

shields: by adding the tractor beams, and transporter systems to the shield matrix, incoming enemy weapons fire would be thrown back at the attacker. The only problem with this shield system is, it can only handle up to the shield rating to reflect damage, excess would damage the shield.

damage: ship damage would be near instantly repaired using the transporters to replace the damaged area. [this is cannon as the Enterprise-D used the transporter to heal/replace the diseased Dr. Pulaski to her healthy state after exposure to the geneticlly enhanced children of Darwin Station.] Also a complete holographic interior to produce holograms for ship operation

Solid holographic projectors mounted to the hull that can reproduce any programmed ship capable of actually attacking, and receiving damage.

a sensor cloak that reduces enemy ability to scan the ship. reduction is -30% every 50 KM from the ship [so at phaser range of 200,000 KM, enemy ships would be at -120% to detect the ship.] Visual detection is unaffected

Electronic warfare systems to take control of gunnery systems of other ships

enhanced exploratory sensor package capable of scanning 5 light years at high resolution, 20 light years at medium resolution, and 40 light years at low resolution