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29th September 2005

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#1 13 years ago

To anyone who can help me, I want to make a physical modification to a stock bridge. But first I need to import the model into 3dsmax to transform the 3d mesh. After modifying the model I need to export it into the BC NIF3 file format, so: Question 1:- How do I import an already exsisting model into 3ds max? Question 2:- How do I export the modified model from 3dsmax to the BC NIF3 file format? I would like to hear any sugestions, however, proven, fully working methods would be better. I want to know how you other modders create such great bridges and ships and get them in-game. Thanks ge5tap0


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4th November 2003

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#2 13 years ago

Depends on the version of 3dsMax you have. 3&5, I think, have an importer/exporter written for them, but the others don't seem to have widely available ones waiting for use.

One method is to have a program like Milkshape, which does have an importer/exporter written for it act as your conversion system. Unfortunately, it'll take a lot of work to find out the best format to put it in for transport from Milkshape to 3dsMax and back (probably two different ones), but its either that or write a new import/exporter...