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#1 16 years ago

Hey, ok it is 01:50 lokle time, and there was a thought...

What do you think about a carier mod for BC?

Just with a very big list of systems. A never ending story. When you start you get a frighter and you have to get through the star systems and do buissness, to hire escorts or to be a pirate with (in the beginning) shuttles. Many new spezies can life there (Dominion, federation and so on) You choose your race in the beginning and you earn points for new ships and repairs by doing your job between the stars. If you have enugh points you can get better ships, or you capture some ships.. And every ship in this game is a player, not a fucking KI.

I think this is something that i wanna discuss. MAy bee we can inspire some one to create this (May be the producer...?)


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#2 16 years ago

sounds to me like a boardfleets game like on stgn. Well, I'mplenty worn out of those, otherwise I have the stats for the one that was good till people screwed it up (mainly the mods quitting, changing rules, not making things clear..ect) Anyways, it's summer. Nobody want's to play a BF in the summer.:smokin: