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#1 13 years ago

Hi, I have decied not to install the Kobayashi Maru mod for various reasons, but I really wanted the version of the Excalibur Bridge that is included. Having copied all the files I could find in Kobayashi Maru which related to this bridge I copied them to my main BC folder. I also have WalkFX installed on my BC. Everthing about the Excalibur Bridge is fine as long as I turn the WalkFX mutator off, if I turn on WalkFX and then load the Excalibur Bridge instead of starting off in the chair, I start off moulded in to the floor just in front of where you should be sitting, I can still walk around but can not sit down and the eye level would suggest that I'm about 3 foot tall. I'm sure that I've probably missed a file which realtes to the WalkFX but can't find it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the problem? :confused:

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#2 13 years ago

of course it wont work by trying to extract it from KM1 without knowing what youre doing lol :p (especially if youre trying to install onto a previous version of the Excal Bridge - but even if youre not it still wont work) tho it can be done, you kinda need to know what it is youre looking for... the animations will be off, and KM1 contains the latest BP Core which the latest Excal needs... your best bet, to have that bridge, is just to have a km1-based install or deal with Excal v2... btw - WalkFX has nothing to do with why youre having an issue... rather, i should say i am 99% sure it doesnt...