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#1 19 years ago

I've noticed several little issues when installing new ships:

1) It seems like after I install a certain number of ships, seven or eight I think, that last ship loses its icon-picture in game. For example, I'm flying around in the Defiant, yet my shield and weapons displays show a Bird of Prey. All the files are in the right places, and are referred to correctly in other files.

2) Some ships don't have names inside the game, i.e. the whole ??? thing. The names show up on the QuickBattle selection menu, on the left, but when you add an AI ship, it shows up as ??? on the right. I assume this is what's being addressed in the Foundation readme, which mentions this ??? thing that can't be fixed yet.

3) Two ships, the Defiant and the Dominion Bugship, show up without textures under Medium detail on my machine. Both work fine on Low Texture Detail. Also, I'm missing some planet textures in Dasher's Sol system, most notably Earth and Mercury. I still haven't checked out every planet, but those are the only ones I've noticed so far.

edit: Also, I couldn't do a thing with the Steamrunner posted at BCFiles. I had about half the textures showing up, all on the rear half of the ship, and I could barely move the mouse cursor without lagging the game, even without any other ships moving.

Any help would be appreciated. I tried looking for solutions elsewhere on the board, so I'm sorry if I'm asking a question that's been asked already. I didn't see anything helpful.