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31st May 2003

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#1 12 years ago

The expansion team is back!!!

The creators of star trek bridge commander enemies of life is back with a brand new project ahead!!

The purpose behind the new expansion is to be a mix of bridge commander and legacy put together in that you will have all the options of bridge commander and plugins supplied but on top you will be able to enter into a custom mission game or quick battle game and control a fleet at the same time as well as the ship you are using.

The expansion will also feature a special type of coding what speeds up the loading of python files and .nif and .tga files so this means the game will run much more faster and the game engine will not overload and crash halfway through a game.

The game is set that you can play diffrent eras of ships in a scaled environment. Options to play diffrent era ships will be avalible in multiplayer too. This means you can play in the TMP era and all other player would be TMP era ships all you could choose a all era game but TNG ships against ENT might cause a stir in your game.

This expansion is in its starting stages so nothing offical can be promised yet but so far all these ships are garunteed.

Borg Collective CubeCube Diamond Interceptor Obelisk Tactical Cube

Federation Constellation Class Akula Class Ambassador Class Apollo Class Akira Class Constellation Class Constitution Class Constitution Class (Refit) Daedalus Class Defiant Class Enterprise NX-01 Excelsior Class Excelsior Class (Refit) Galaxy Class Intrepid Class Miranda Class Miranda Class (Refit) Nebula Class Nova Class NX-01 Oberth Class Poseidon Class Proxima Class Proxima Class (Refit) Prometheus Class Sovereign Class Steamrunner Class Yorktown Class

Klingon Empire Vor'cha ClassBird of Prey K'tinga Class Negh'Var Class Vor'cha Class

Romulan Star Empire D'Deridex ClassD'Deridex Class Heavy Defender Vengeance Class Winged Defender

Look out for more details on here or on bcfiles if this post get put on there what I am hopeing:naughty:



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#2 12 years ago

where do you get these original names from? :P

Sounds interesting neways, good luck.