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27th May 2008

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#1 8 years ago

I apologize if this is the wrong place for this, the forums have changed drastically since last I was around. There used to be an entire section dedicated to new mod/ship ideas and requests but I guess that got scrapped.

Anyway, I dusted off my copy of BC today and messed around in it. The newest updates from nvidia made it finaly play very well (had odd issues back with the 25x.x drivers). As I was blasting through a couple dozen Romies using a Borg Sphere, something occurred to me.

Maybe it's a guilty pleasure, or perhaps a remnant of childish glee at destruction, but I always have loved the fact this game allows you to slice apart your opponents. Rip off a naccel here, remove a nebula's sensor pod, split a Warbird in half etc. There's just something oddly and sadistically fun about it.

To accomplish this I always set my phaser power to >5% (KM slider), but typically even that is to much to really peel apart ships with realistic hull integrity. I thought, if any race would have the ability to dismantle ships with surgical precision - it would be the Borg. Most mods for them give their ships a "cutting beam" but they typically do significant hit-point damage to the ship. Would it be possible to mod a weapon so that it inflicts physical damage and destroys sub-systems, but does minimal to no hull HP damage?

I envisioned a class of ship designed completely for this task, tractor beams to hold the prey, shield breaking torpedoes (perhaps assimilated Breen energy dampeners), Heavy shields to adsorb damage and cutting beams.

Of course this is all rather ambitious, and my modding expertise is strictly limited to Armada II. Anyway, just figured I'd toss the idea out there and see if there was any similar interest or people with the talents necessary to see if it could be done.