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#1 13 years ago

Does any one know what I need to make New ships and to test them I don't know what I need to down load or get to do this can any one Help ??



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14th December 2006

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#2 13 years ago

dunno..perhaps the -------> SEARCH FUNCTION <-------

read the ------> Stickie's <--------

also this question has been asked many times before ;)...

also in the stickies or i believe on bcfiles there are links to fora which are better for asking questions about that;0

furthermore: i do not want to start a fight with you. Better: I hope you will find your way to build and release ships :beer:

i just get sick about how many times people have asked what to do if they want to start to build ships...and they always get the answer: go there and there , nobody can teach you etc....


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4th November 2003

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#3 13 years ago

The ships in bc contain a number of different parts, at least; model, textures and scripts.

The model is just a standard 3d model saved in the bridge commander .nif format. There are programs such as milkshape, gmax, 3ds max etc that will allow you to create them.

The textures, which go on the models, are just standard pictures created in graphics programs. They also use a mask known as an alpha channel to define which areas are glowing or lit, and which appear unlit.

The scripts come in three different versions, a plugin (BCMP or its successors will create those, so don't need to worry about them until time to test - which you do in the game itself), a pointer file (which tells the game where everything is - found in scripts/ships/ - you can look at a few, using notepad, that are already in there and create one using another as a template) and a hardpoint file (found in scripts/ships/hardpoints), which contains all ship functions, such as phasers, hull etc and their positions.

A useful package for creating hardpoints (if you don't want to just open up an old .py file and take a look at it) is the Model Property Editor, which is found with a rudimentry instruction manual and all the .py files for the stock game in the SDK package available on Bridge Commander, Bridge Commander Downloads -

Have a go at modyfying simple things such as shuttles, bird of preys etc and seeing how your modifications affect things. Then move onto more difficult modding such as new weapons, ftech/atp additions etc.

In order to be able to test them, you need a version of the game with the patch and foundation in. Some modifictions will also need things like nanofx (blinking lights) ftech, or atp depending on what they are.