New Threat storyline. Opinions/Sugestions? -1 reply

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2nd February 2007

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#1 13 years ago

I would like to ask you people what do you think of the story in the New Threat QBR mission series so far? I am still working on more but im having problems balancing them out (especialy the ones including fightercraft). anyone has any sugestions for the story? i can say that 1 of the future missions will include the artefact retrieved by the imperials in New Threat 15 tho i will wait untill the Terran Empire fleet pack is out to do that one.


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20th February 2007

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#2 13 years ago

I for one, would like to see you start a second Star Wars series(not campaign) using the new tie's and rebel ships recently released. By doing a series instead of a campaign they can be more stand-alone, for the people who don't want to get drawn into something quite that big. With the amount of books on SW, there must certainly be something you've been wanting to do. Also if you pick four or five requirements that covers all but the few odd specials, after people download and install them once, they are ready to go for future missions. We really need you. Nobody else has stepped up to the plate to write missions this year. (Except for Sovvie, but we're not even in his league). So without you, it's just me. BTW thanks for your comments on the War Galaxy thread. I never considered HP's to be public domain, but it does stand to reason. Keep up the good work.:cool: