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#1 11 years ago


This is my first message :cya:

I'm new to bridge commander and I would like to add some mods before starting the single player campaign, just to enhance the experience a little bit.

I read about the BC_Supermod_2, BC_Supermod_PATCH and NANOFX singel player fix. I was wondering if I could install NANOFX single player over the BC_Supermod and if this would solve any savegame issues. Also I didn't quite get whether BC_Supermod_PATCH solves the single player saving issues .

Thanks a lot Luca



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15th December 2006

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#2 11 years ago

Not all mods do work with the singleplayer, they are also not necessary

you could for instance enhance or change from ships...and use NanoFX but that's it ;) when you add cloak ability...all enemies are able to see if you didn't cloak

if you use silent mode mod, all enemies will shoot you off because they just see that you have power problems....

MVAM will not work, expand, but reconnect will cause the ships to miss each other ;) tried it myself :P

some mods aren't even available in singleplayer campaign!