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#1 16 years ago

i can never get MPE to work right... anyway i bin messing around with ".py" scripts with text editors and what i need to know it how to get shields to charge faster.. I made the max shields high but cant tell if I should increase of decrease the value “i.e. ShieldGenerator.SetShieldChargePerSecond(ShieldGenerator.FRONT_SHIELDS, 11.000000)”

p.s. if anyone knows how to make systems repair faster....


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#2 16 years ago

How high did you set your sheilds? And how fast you you want them to recharge. If you want them to recharge fast then set them higher. ifyou want your sheilds to recharge at x amount rate leave it as is. if you want to take tons of damage and recharge slow, make its lower. I would set it maybe to 20 if your like me and set your sheilds to monster high levels. for repair, find engineering, increase your number of repair teams and increase the repair values