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#1 12 years ago

i tried to search on this but the results page fails to load. i need the BCMP to pack a mod so the enabler uses it right? could someone point me in the right direction? or if its not to much trouble could you tell me what i need to do to pack it so the enabler can do its magic?


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#2 12 years ago

The enabler? Packing mods is done so that BCMI can unpack them. By using the word 'enable' you seem to be getting perilously close to the word 'disable', which is what a faulty BCMP does to mods made in ways it doesn't recognise when you use the filechecker, which should never be done!

To 'enable' a mod just create plugins for it through bcmp. Many mods just go directly into the folders and can be used straight off (so long as the foundation is in there). Some use BCMI, some have their own installers, there's no universal method of getting them all in.