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26th March 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hi, Releve mod: The releve mod is nice, but if you need the commander to start quickbattle... SHE IS AWAY. So if you need her, maybe a modder can make a special button. Simply if you click on F1 (helm) the captain looks to helm and you can select "Return to bridge". Then she walks out of the turbolift back to her chair, and that by all crewmembers. Crewmember mod: If you want a crewmember on the Sovereign (for example) away. (That girl or men behind you) Or the left side or right side, you can select her or him and click on the button "Releve", then she or he must walk away in the same turbolift where she or he came from. If they have to return simply wait they walk back. A modder can maybe make this. Janeway666