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#1 19 years ago

HOW?how do you make ships as i would really like to know it woud be nice to know as i have been always keen on making 1 ship :assimilate: if you can help i will be :dropsjar: gobsmaked thanx


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#2 19 years ago

well you'll need to learn how to render 3D models with some software. I use something called Caligari trueSpace, which is probably about $2000 cheaper then a brand new version of 3DS MAX if you get the newest version of truespace. Make sure you get version 4 or above with trueSpace or you won't be able to export the ships into the right format. There are lots of tutorials on 3D Studio Max and Milkshape 3D, etc that would probably help too. if you get a trial version of 3D Exploration, you can convert the truespace files to any supported files. :)