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17th October 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Firt of all thanks to the community for anwsering so many of my questions lately but alass I have another. My favorate borg cube is the LowCube just cause it runs so smooth and is the correct size but the down side is when it takes damage it makes holes that you can see right through the ship. So I made a new model based on the old one but this time inside of the main hull I made another hull that has damage textures pasted on it and then another and then another each 0.95 the size of the previous one and it look awesome when it takes damage and runs just as smooth. It works great when I play as the cube or when I set cube as a friendly ship with no enemys for testing but as soon as it is an enemy ship the game crashes to desktop as soon as I start quick battle. I even tried swaping out the HP with one I know has no buggs cause I though I had a HP bug but it still crashes. Please Help.